Alan Silvestri - Avengers: Endgame (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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Avengers: Endgame (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Tracklist:


Wow I love this soundtrack 3000


Alan was at his best when scoring Infinity War and Endgame. Holy cow.

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In crafting a score for what would be the final chapter to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it, Alan Silvestri definitely was facing a challenge here. However, as has been the case for all his previous work, Alan rose to the occasion and created something that doesn’t just help tell the story, but it also conveys the steps needed to get to that ending, and themes like “Portals”, “The Real Hero” and “Main on End” raise the bar for those moments that will play on your emotions in the best of ways. The latter track also heartens back to the classic movies of yesteryear with that feeling of epicness but also a sense that our heroes get to do what the cowboys/cowgirls in those classic westerns did and walk off into the sunset. In all, this is a soundtrack that one must have regardless of whether or not one is a MCU fan, because like Endgame, it elevates the film and the storytelling to a degree not seen before. So for this True Believer, I do indeed love this score 3000! Well done Alan! 😀😃👏👍

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I listen to this album every single day. Not fully but a couple of songs. Sometimes the full album. Alan Silvestri, that son of a gun still has it. I loved every single song of this album. Definitely Top 5 are: 1.Portals and Main on End (I can’t easily decide between these two) 2. Worth It 3. Totally Fine 4. One Shot (I know this was in the first Avengers too) 5. The Real Hero (Although I can’t listen to it every time because it just makes my day so sad. And I get depressed. But the melody and the feeling it has it’s pretty amazing. It was totally Epic. And The best MCU soundtrack forever. Thank you Alan Silvestri for everything.


How I knew what Stark was going to do in the final act was from the music. Has anyone noticed how extremely similar “The One” from this album and “One Way Trip” from The Avengers album? The same music plays when Stark takes the Nuke into the portal and when Stark fights Thanos for the stones.



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It’s a kill deal and people will know your an AVENGERS fan totally! XD

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Excellent job. This song is great, but BarrettBoiii is the guy who sealed the deal fo me. That is a top quality comment. I give it a ten out of ten, it has reached its pinnacle of success, it’s not going any further, trust me on this one. Also, as I have just reviewed it, you kno it’s going to die quickly, but love him or hate him, he’s spittin facts 👏🏼👏🏼


All them haters who have a 1 star are gay


A must listen

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This album is great love the songs


As you know last year in infinity war we got epic and sad music but a couple of months ago silvestri gave us the traditional hormone music but sadder, the amazing portals music which was the best one and the real hero which just gets you on the verge of tears. 💯 the best one yet. Love the sound track 3000😭😭😭


I cannot even start with this soundtrack! This is one of the best pieces of filmscore I have ever listened to, and Alan Silvestri did an amazing job composing this epic conclusion of 22 films. From the epic score of “Portals” to the tearjerking theme of “Whatever It Takes / Not Good” and “The Real Hero” and the overall nostalgic feel of “Main on End” (the end credits even got me because the music was too good), this soundtrack got me through finals week and kept me going. I am listening to the soundtrack even as I write this review. You know when it’s an amazing soundtrack if you can hear the music and know exactly what is going on while still feeling the raw emotion that you felt in the theaters. You also know it’s an amazing soundtrack when your ten-year-old brother (who usually does not care about filmscore) was able to point out that “Totally Fine” and “The Real Hero” echo each other, giving the movie epic and deserved bookends for a beloved character. Overall, I cannot stop listening to this amazing album full of very moving music and themes, it just reminds me of how you cannot have an amazing movie without it’s indescribable music.


If you thought that Avengers: Infinity War’s score was good. Just wait until you hear Avengers: Endgame’s. By the way Portals is my favorite.

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This movie should get 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 should be the only movie showing in the movie theater because it is the best movie and it will always be the best movie 😍😍😍😍😍😍😀😀😀😀😀😀😎😎😎😎😎😎




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I would rate the avengers endgame music 5 stars and the movie itself 5 stars but I cannot rate the music 5 stars. I was looking forward to buying the music but before I bought it I listened to the demo and the music was a bit off. Unless you know for sure Apple purposely did that with music demos, Please, DO NOT buy the music. You’re being ripped off.


THIS SOUNDTRACK IS SO AMAZING AND SAD I MEAN WHEN IRON MAN DIED AND THAT MUSIC 😭😭😭😭 so sad!!! I LOVE YOU 3000 IRON MAN!!! also shaggy does in endgame too I am not lying so yeah

Ally Ascarruz

This soundtrack is truly one of Alan Silvestri’s best works. It has such emotional songs that really give you feels all thorough out the movie. “Portals” and “Main on the end” are just two of my top favorites. Just amazing!


“Not Good” and “The Real Hero” make me want to cry😭❤️


Truly heartbreakingly beautiful music... Still blows my mind... WOW!!!!

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I really like the part of totally fine when Thor goes for the head

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YASSSSSS I ❤️ the movie and the music!!!!!! But I’m so sad iron man died 😭😭

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The music was amazing just like the movie




Amazing score. Alan knocked this one out of the park. Sooo good


I can feel every emotion I did while watching the movie. I have a new appreciation for this type of music, movies would be nothing without it.


It is only background music but still pretty good btw I saw Endgame OMG sooooo good


😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕


The movie was ASTONISHING BREATHTAKING! I could go on and on, but what made it even better was the very soundtrack. Each song was put in at the right moment. The Real Hero was the greastest (in my opinion) out of them all.


I have a feeling “You Did Good” was for Tony’s death 😪🤧


Absolutely amazing. “The Real Hero”, “Portals”, and “Main On End” are the ones that really hit home for me. Alan Silvestri really hit it out of the park with this one.

Laximus Maximus

Alan Silvestri is one of the greatest modern composers


Honestly, most superhero movie soundtracks (Black Panther excluded) sound the same. But Silvestri created a soundtrack that not encapsulates the content of the movie, but tugs at all the emotions experienced throughout. Beautiful, tear jerking, epic and amazing!


I just listened to a ruched song by this wired guy doing the theme song and it was all pumped up boo but this album is great 👍 it all emotional 😭 like the movie I got to another great by Alan silvestri

De rate of life


Anomynous 2.0

Mostly reused themes except for a few songs.


I was appalled, great movie


I’ve been a long time fan of Mr. Silvestri and his scores, and this is by far his greatest one. The music truly digs deep into your emotions and portrays feelings in an accurate way.


Amazing songs to go with such an amazing movie!


First of all, what a phenomenal film!! Second, the song ‘The Real Hero’, oh my god!!! AMAZING! Such an outstanding soundtrack/film score. Can’t wait to see what’s next. 😬 #DontSpoilTheEndgame

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Deserves a Grammy

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