Switchfoot - Always (Max Vangeli & AN21 Remix)

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Always (Max Vangeli & AN21 Remix) - Single Tracklist:


If you're going to remix a great song from a great band, like Switchfoot...Don't do dubstep. This is just terrible.


Way to screw up a great song Max and AN21...

Jayy man

most people have turned to hip hop and r&b music and rap the real good music, is a genre called rock so why do these guys have to turn such a great bands BEAUTIFUL song into a stupid dance song? why dont these people leave good music alone, instead of stealing it and turning it into a horrible music genre?


I have never heard of Switchfoot before! I love his voice!


I've never heard a techno version of swithfoot but I think I could be ok with this song. But definatly wouldn't want a bunch of songs like this from them.

Lil P Train HAQ

I was pretty disappointed with this song. I do love dance music AND Switchfoot, but seriously? The only thing that related to Switchfoot at all was hearing Jon Foreman sing the chorus ONCE in the middle of the song. The other five minutes are just computerized beats. Its great as a dance/club piece, but other than that, I'm pretty disappointed. I LOVE Switchfoot! Come on!!!


woah....its so weird to hear a Switchfoot but in a techno version... still awesome.... just mind blowing weird


I absolutely love Switchfoot, and when I heard about their dance mix for this song, I was a little skeptical. Originally, this song is meant to be very simple and meaningful, and I've always been able to really connect with the lyrics. But upon hearing the mixed version, I have to say it's pretty good. :) Good choice Switchfoot, you did well (as usual). And props to Max Vangeli and AN21, you've tastefully made this gorgeous piece into an awesome dance song.

friend of the Foot

This is beautiufl. A pretty solid Dance beat. freakin Switchfoot. it combined my love of electronic dance music and my love of Switchfoot, and made this wonderful song. it's the bomb. download it. and then throw a rave. that is all.


The original already has this beat...but this is still awesome! The dance at the beginning is great to just start dancing too! I Love this song but I would have liked a little more of "always" and not so much dance. I mean its great though! worth the 99cents!

John Clendineng

I like switchfoot even more for this epic peice.


WOW!!!! Switchfoot is good!