David Byrne - American Utopia

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Come on people, what's up with all the negative reviews? It's been 14 years since his last album. He still sounds fresh. What on earth did you expect? All in all though this is a solid album from Mr. Byrne. I give it a solid 4.5 out of 5. Which rounds out, mathematically to 5 stars. I have heard it many times already. I enjoyed it so much that I have decided to go see him live at the Peabody Opera House in St. Louis. That is tomorrow! Cannot wait for this.

Jambalaya Crawfish Piya

Maybe I’m stuck on his ‘Look Into the Eyeball’ record with mellifluous strings and soothing melodies, not to mention songs that had some good hooks. However, American Utopia fails in those aspects. I respect DB for always evolving, but it’s ok to stick with what works sometimes.


I really tried to give this album a chance and after several listens I've concluded that it's the sound of a genius way past his prime propped up by fabulous musicians. The lyrics are often quirky just for the sake of being quirky and at times come off as the ramblings of a sixth grader. The last 3 songs are worthwhile especially Everybody's Coming to My House while the rest is a frustrating, difficult listen.


What a grower-I wasn't sure what to think After a few listens, but after sitting down and listen with lyrics in hand, American Utopia is awesome. The melodies, the imagery, the slow burn songs (Bullet, This Is That), wow, what an album. Everyday Is A Miracle is just unbelievable Byrne songwriting. It's Not Dark Up Here is an incredible sing.


I may never pre order an album again. This was just painful. I really hoped to hear some of his vocals from the Talking Heads but they just weren''t there.

Chelley lynn

I love David’s music. This album is proof of his changing sound. He can go from one sound to another and while it may not be everyone’s taste, I think it’s great.

[email protected]

I’ll admit, after hearing the first two songs that were released, my expectations for this album were in a different place initially. During my first listen, a few of the songs got me to come back for a second listen and I’m glad I did. With the exception of a song or two, this is a very solid album. Some of the moves he made are difficult to digest at first and feel out of place but they really fall into place after an extra listen or two, like Every Day is a Miracle and I Dance Like This (still kind of iffy). The only real track I feel is weak is Dog’s Mind. Standouts: Everybody’s Coming to My House, This is That, Every Day is a Miracle, and Gasoline and Dirty Sheets.


Very enjoyable album put out by one the great minds in music.


Nice interview with David on today's (March 13) The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Explains some of his thinking behind his new album.


… creating a masterpiece while still having a long time to go. It happened to Dylan. For Byrne, it was Speaking In Tongues.


I saw David on this tour in Wilkes Barre, PA.... paid a price for the tickets just to be able to say I saw him live. Expected to be let down by a show that was just to, “out there” for me. Was completely blown away by the art of his performance. The band was tight visually and musically. It was performance art and I was incredibly moved by the show. Seeing it made all the difference. I think that’s what’s missing from those that just listened to the release. David and company’s presentation takes it to another level. A show I won’t soon forget. Genius. I consider myself blessed to have been witness.


I saw David Byrne debut his new album in concert in Redbank NJ. Some of the songs I instantly loved while others have grown on me over time. My favorite solo album is Feelings, where I love almost every song. This album has some songs that have similar undertones (strange undertones- 😉). Worth the purchase.


David byrne rocks!


OK, if you are expecting Talking Heads then this album isn't for you, but you probably already knew that. IT is a really interesting collection of soundscapes with some very cool "cut up" style lyrics layered on top. Some of the sonics are truly breathtaking when you really listen to them. I for one really enjoyed and appreciated this deceptivly casual and random album.


Not a solid effort. At least with St. Vincent there was a twinkling....this feels like a toliet flush. Love Everybody but it feels like DB just mailed this one in. Hoping the shows are much, much better and only hit 2 or 3 off of this debacle. And I love DB!!!!!


Get lost! This album isn't hip, avant garde or quirky in a good way, rather it's just garbage.


This album underscores how much David Byrne’s creative processes benefit from collaboration, and how much they suffer in its absence. I’m not sure whether this album is a half-hearted effort at contractual obligation, or if Byrne is simply trying to muscle his way through his own Pete Townshend moment- the moment he realized his muse was gone. The majority of songs and lyrics making a debut here are tired and uninspired, with just a ghost of the great past surfacing briefly with “Everybody’s Coming to My House.” Otherwise, this outing finds Byrne unengaging and his music forgettable.


This is not good. It’s lacking feeling, and sounds like someone didn’t want to even make the music. This is not the talented artist I once knew from years ago. I had high hope for this, but instead I’m greatly disappointed.

Moniker is taken

I honestly never listened to David Byrne's work until I bought the album he made with St. Vincent. After that I decided to try out Talking Heads "greatest hits" album. I was fairly happy. Now this album. I'm definately surprised that people who purport to be his fans are being downers about this. This album is fantastic.


Been a fan for a long time of all his work, no one like him.

My and My Arrow

I am disappointed. Yes it is quirky, avante guard, and interesting as you woudl expect. But it is not good or even fun to listen to. I love most of his previous stuff and the stuff i didn't love, at least I thought i got it. I don't get this.

Corona Joe

After the release of Everybodys Coming to My House, I had high hopes. David Byrne's brain is functioning on a different level than mine. ( which, he is entitled to do). Certianly not worth the wait for this CD. Disappointing. :(


This is closer to Wesley Willis territory than Talking Heads. Yes I know this is a solo effort but it really is difficult to get through. Not as bad as the Lou Reed/Metallica thing but a few zip codes away.

Nick A.

What I come to expect from David Byrne: Melodies, quirky & fun lyrics and sounds I never hear anywhere else. This new album is no exception. Been previewing through NPR leading up to the release date. So many new sonic elements and some serious funk as well. Always a welcomed return!!

David Fans from Ventura CA

Looking forward to new music from Mr. Byrne and his upcoming tour. Will see him at the Santa Barbara Bowl in August. I really am enjoying the new release. See you there - The Big Boys


David would probably hate this commentary but it sounds to me like he's come back to a musical territory where he hasn't been for years or at least in this one cut (Everybody's Coming To My House) anyway.