Black Eyed Peas - TRANSLATION

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Musubi head

Lot’s of people will always be negative,not I!! I firmly believe this album will be NUMBER ONE!! Your first track to that Movie Bad Boys for life RITMO is AWESOME!!And News Today is DEEP!!AND THE REST OF THE TRACKS IS LIT!!! Mahal Kita To you all!!




I honestly thought you guys would make something better. Just sounds like the same garbage that’s always on the radio. Nothing about any of this is good or unique. Very disappointed.


This CD is hot. Not sure what’s up with bad reviews. Love that they keep changing direction. Cleaning out my truck in the driveway shaking my ass. I’m about to to rhuba, lombada and some more.


I used to love this band, I grew up on them actually but this entire album is trash. Completely different vibes and sounds and not for the better. Fergie obviously was the only good thing that band had going for them.


The Peas are back!!! When I first heard, I was like no, too “Latino” and no Fergie. However, I stand corrected after a few listens. This album is on loop. The collabs bring flavor. J. Rey Soul is a wonderful new addition. It’s been a long time since I listen to an album that I enjoy every track like the old days. These days, artists put out music for streaming and not quality. I feel this album was made with time and quality. The Peas really thought about they’re audience. Almost each song could be a single, maybe would stick more in other parts of the world other than the states. 😒 This album is like a modern Spanish take of Elephunk and Money Business, which are my favorites and made me fall in love with BEP. 😄


it should be under latin/spanish music than pop even. terrible beats and songs... smh


This is by FAR the worst they have done


What the hell !!! Same rythm. Repetitive Latino beat. Total lack of creativity. Time to retire Cuba.


They are trying to be a wannabe Latin Pop album.


Love it.


Wow this is it....on replay. So much talent. I can’t get enough for them. Love ALL the songs.(I miss Fergie though) 🙏🏼❤️😀🙌🏼👏🏼👊🏼 I hear you “Feel the beat” by Lisa Lisa. One of my favorite artists in the world.


Fergie went solo before and they supported her. Now,, Taboo and released this Heavy Latino beat and she supported them. No bad blood. Just enjoy the music.


When you have filet mignon why would you want good ground beef.

dj yeet

No explicit song please Please make appropriate songs for children


Love it


Garbage! A non English black eyed peas album


I bet they were trying to do something new. But this didn't work. And no fergie too


It slaps too hard

Sister Anna

Fergie left...she wants to be a mom, get over it and give the Peas some respect and love.


Love it and Shakira.


Not this time..Try next album.. I just wasn’t really feeling it.

No Auto Tune

Great Album


All the beats sound the same......all the lyrics sound the same!!! SORRY BEP.......That Is A Hard Pass For Me!!!!!


Black Eyed Peas are thee biggest sell-outs in Hip Hop history. Well, they Use to be Hip Hop. Before Fergie. And stop crying bout Fergie: pop fans 🚫

u uk jko. mj

Hey baby


Where’s the songs from Songland? Why even do that and not use them. You need some fresh voice now that Fergie is not there. You had a fresh sound from Songland. Sometimes counsel lacks wisdom. Whoever spoke to you about this need not be a counselor anymore to you.


Hands down their best album !!!!!!!!!! Track 🔥for track 🤘

petey indigo

The black eyed peas are hit makers and all these haters were prob just paid to say negative crap😌lil troll robots!!! Dude the BEP are the creators of what it means to take a basic track and produce it to something out of this world! So happy they are back in the light. Love - Star man


I can definitely dig Will and B.E.P. on this album. They are geniuses and the timing couldn’t have been any better. I definitely needed this high energy uplifting album right now. Muy bien.

Mower Power

Did the Black Eyed Peas just drop a Latino Techno-Pop album? Yes. Is it any good? No! Nothing memorable on this album. Maybe they need to beg Fergie to come back and help turn the songs into hits. Will.I.Am spent too much time on the beats. I know they picked 3 songs from Songland, but I couldn’t see any of them here. Why have people write hits for you if you ain’t gonna use them.


Will I am is very creative the beats sound and tempo is hard not to jam and dance too ... love it dudo harder


Lol this is annoying as hell.


Shakira is back (GIRL LIKE ME)

Reyna Latina 11

Summer Album Dancing all day! Love the Latin artist featured. Shout-out to Will.I.Am for the beats


One more pathetic outing for the Peas. I for the life of me cannot figure out who continues to purchase this garbage ... I’m assuming it’s the same moronic tasteless children that find Gaga and Swift entertaining


Honestly... I like the band but man... why no fergie? I need answer.


Love it!! Props!! Combining cultures. awesome!!


Like it or not she played a big role and they should not continue to be called the Black Eyed Peas without her. Change the name.


I was so excited to see them back!!! This album is sooo caliente!!!! Love them speaking in Spanish!!! Mamasitaaaa is great 💋


;F. ...!


Live this album!! Makes me move every time I hear it! Don’t listen to the haters! Haters only give hate! This album is awesome! Welcome to 2020 people!!!


She was The Peas So no peas or potatoes without her No steak either. Where is she? She needs to come back She’s the whole meal without them. Solo it up Ferg Let the peas stay dried in the plastic bag on the shelf where we forgot we even had em. The absolute arrogance the Will guy has to not be courting her and making sure she was on this album says it all. ARROGANCE IS POISON


Soooo incredibly disappointed. I am a huge BEP fan, with it without Fergie but this is just trash. Definitely not targeted towards their fans. This is an attempt to bring in more Latin fans and they may succeed in that but I guarantee a major flop with everyone else. What happened to Will I Am putting the three songs on his new album from Songland (Be Nice). Those were great, this is trash and won’t be listening to any of these tracks anytime soon. Please go back to studio and go back to your roots.


Muy recomendable


I love music that is catchy. I dont care who is in the group or not in the group. People focus too much on the small things. I like good beats, i can care less about the lyrics or how it sounds. Im not trying to relate to lyrics. too many focus on doing that these days


Literally every song sounded the same




I pre-ordered this album not knowing how it was going to turn out. I pre-ordered it based on how I love the first 3 singles and saw the collabs they did with the rest of the album. I must say it's AMAZING. This album has everything that makes you want to get up and dance. It's diverse and love the collabs. 100% Fire!!!!!!!!!!