Busy Signal - Parts of the Puzzle

℗ 2019 VP Music Group, Inc

Parts of the Puzzle Tracklist:


Amazing new Roots chunes, Tuff new Dancehall, Uptempo, Downtempo; Nobody touching Busy Signal in 2019. Nuff a dem Stay So

mcgin 73

Terrible music if u can call it that


This is an excellent display of versatility from any artist from Jamaica I've ever seen. Busy has been making waves. Happy to support this astounding act.

Hello Kitty T.

Amazing Album!!!! #SirExcellency Busy Signal has dropped a Killer Record ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️


Busy signal never fails, listening to the album all day, I have it on repeat. Keep up the excellent work

Music Album of Busy Signal:

Sober (feat. Busy Signal) - Single
Sober feat. Busy Signal - Single (2018)
Badmind (feat. Busy Signal) - Single
Badmind feat. Busy Signal - Single (2019)
In Deep (feat. Busy Signal) - Single
In Deep feat. Busy Signal - Single (2019)
Time (feat. Busy Signal) - Single
Time feat. Busy Signal - Single (2019)
Furnace Flow (feat. G3n3xgy) - Single
Furnace Flow feat. G3n3xgy - Single (2019)