David Byrne - American Utopia on Broadway (Original Cast Recording Live)

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American Utopia on Broadway (Original Cast Recording Live) Tracklist:


I had no idea what to expect? What I experienced at the Hudson Theater was all of yesterday, today, and even the hope of tomorrow with a seminal artist, his band, and a professionally done and highly entertaining show. This stands with some of his best work, and that is a mighty big statement!


Just saw this on Broadway tonight. Can't stop grinning. 16 when Stop Making Sense came out. Surrel check-in at 50. David Byrne as gospel preacher and sublime kindergarten teacher. The man is a genious and the whole show if playful and joyous. Sheer talent on stage. Rhythms beyond comprehension. Thank you from Alexandria VA!


The show itself is a wonder and this album doesn't really capture it because of the strong visuals on stage, but it does highlight the musicianship that was onstage. It's somewhat a jukebox musical, but only in the broadest sense. About half Talking Heads tunes and the other half independant projects played by what is in effect, a drum corp. There's not really a narritive in the show, just a theme of learning to make connections to people, when your brain isn't really wired to do so easily. It asks a lot of question and gives hopeful answers. I wish they had left the dialog in which give context to the tunes. Better yet a video of the whole show, but until then, this does nicely.

The Bradleyss

What to say about David Byrne? He won't work with the Talking Heads, but he keeps cashing in on their work. In yet another reincarnation of the Heads greatest work, he turns I Zimbra and more into a Broadway show. Why? Again, it's called cashing out. And it's just as big a bore as Pete Townshend spending a half century recycling Tommy, or Green Day pretending they're punks while devoting years to producing Broadway versions of their previously released records. It's borrrrrrrrrrrrringggggggggg.