Dido - Still on My Mind

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Still on My Mind Tracklist:


Love the whole album. Great sounding.


I’ve always enjoyed Dido albums, but she has never put one together that is so enjoyable from start to finish. Her vocals are just wonderful. I agree with other reviewers that the simple production keeps the vocals the focus and they shine. The music takes you to a thoughtful, sometimes haunting place where Dido seems to live, best enjoyed listening from start to finish. There is no standout hit as much as one strong effort after another. Thanks Dido for a great work of art.


Can’t believe it’s been 20 years and Dido still has what it takes to please her fans. Just love her music, her soothing voice. Always a go to artist to escape this crazy world


One of my favorite albums of the year so far. Very laid back easy listen, yet energetic at the same time.


I couldn't wait for this album, and then I couldn't wait to see her live and both were WELL worth the wait...she's as good (if not better) than she's ever been!


I really liked her first CD when it first came out. Remember BMG record club - it was sent to me and I was too lazy to return... I listened to it for 8 months until it exploded in the US. Since then I have been a casual listener - I liked her subsequent music and occasionlly listed to it - until i saw her in concert in Philly a week ago. I am a RE-convert. She is amazing. I forgot how much I liked her stuff. I even went back and listened to her Faithless tunes - which is how i was introduced to her in the first place. Buy this CD. It is awesome.


I can't stop listening. Every song is amazing.


Still On My Mind is a solid album to say the least. Dido has been known for having large gaps of time between albums, but this was certainly worth the wait. From start to finish, these records didn’t leave me disappointed. The lyrics were clear and resonated with real life love situations. The production was also on point whether an upbeat record like “Mad Love” or something downtempo such as “Some Kind of Love.” It’s rare to find bodies of work like this today, that don’t feel lacking. Great work Dido.


Didn't notice until today, 4/11 that the title track, STILL ON MY MY MIND did not download. I pre-ordered the album and was so happy to hear so many new tunes I didn't notice the miscount. It goes from 1 - 6, skips 7, and goes from 8 - 12. How can I get it downloaded without being charged for it again.


Great person and amazing voice

THE Grandmaster B

Really digging Dido’s long awaited new album! It’s the most complete, in my opinion, since her brilliant first one. She’s really found her mojo and songs like “Mad Love” and “Hurricanes” are among her best! More in her dance/electronic roots on this one. Give it a shot!


Did not think it was as good as her 1st couple of albums, but throughly enjoyed it. Her voice is as beautiful as ever.


I love Dido. Her voice is very distinct and she has an amazing talent. My dad listens to her and that’s why I listen to her. I’m glad she’s staying true to herself!

the blast ninja

let me tell you something, first of, i am a huge fan of Dido. HUGE! so when i tell you this album right here is possibly the best album she's put out since Life for Rent, i am being straight. The sequencing of songs, the lyrics, the production is top notch. This is early Dido right here. That last album i didn't like but this one blows it away easily. huge contender for album of the year. I had to play Take You Home 10 times in a row. The title track is incredible. Hurricanes is so poignant. She just draws you in with every song on this album. I highly recommend this album with high regards


I love ❤️ Dido ❤️


Dido shines singing over electronica, trance, and house beats. In her vision with good and bad with hope at the end of the tunnel. Stunning harmonies, a new sound I hope to hear more of!


Each of her previous albums has been a stand out and this one is no exception. Wonderfully executed. I've missed her so much and I am thrilled that she is back stronger than ever.


Have to search hard these days to find songs and albums like this one. Great mix of vocals and a timeless quality worth buying the actual cd.


love this CD


Rick Nowels is a genius. He saves two tracks on this tired and cliched effort; Hurricane and Take You Home.


Yes, most of the music is softer than alot of what she has done before, but it is done so well that it does what music should do to you - take you away to a beautiful place. Her voice is in perfect form and the music compliments it perfectly. I feel sorry for the people that can't appreciate this album. Maybe try listening to it again after you've worn yourself out from dancing to something else.


Well done - thank you! Dido hits my emotional easybutton again. "Give You Up" is a standout track and easily my favorite song on the album. The song's simple piano and bass lines mimicking a heartbeat is the canvas on which she layers beautiful soaring choruses and harmonies - lovely stuff. Writers, producers and composers Hubert, Adam, Thacker, Agostini and Dido please take a bow for this chestnut.

Salamander Ham

This is classic Dido. Too many artists rely on change to remain relevant. Dido just does Dido. No one can match the unique blend of Pop and melodic melancholy that Dido contructs. 5 out of 5 stars. I complete return to form.


This is a killer cd. So many different types of sounds. I’m just obsessed!! Wow. Brava Dido!! I’d love to hear a Dido and Lana Del Rey collab 😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️


Dido made such a fun electronic pop album & her stunning vocals complement the instrumental perfectly!


Amazing Album


Have always had a sense of love and respect for Dido, and her timeless voice.


Omg yes just what I need !!!!!


Dido is a perfectionist. Just 4 records in 20 years. It’s worth the wait.

V a n n i

I'm speechless at how impressed and moved I am by this album. This is by far Dido's most powerful and most cohesive record.


Looking forward to hearing this!

Spitz Family

I just heard Dido being interviewed on NPR and was blown away by her music. I just had to purchase Still on my mind. Totally awesome!


So far I have heard the 4 songs that have been released before the entire album and I really enjoy them. Dido keeps every album unique and interesting with their own meanings and thought provoking stories. I can hardly wait to buy this album

The Kids Right

I’ve seen Dido in concert. It was exciting and energetic. Many of her past songs had great beats, voice power, and now these three songs released made me want to go to sleep. Much like her last album. Sorry, I’m not these crazed 5-star handing out just because she’s back. This sounds lazy like she just sat on her porch and wrote them but did not include heart pumping sounds in the studio. Jesus, I loved her past music. 😕 Where is the No Angel of 2019???

The Dude1

Beautiful music !


Dido's voice has never been copied or duplicated because it is a rare bird that always invokes emotion and sadness but with a dose of Heroine. She is one of the best artists out there that maintains the same formula that makes her super special like Sade, Lana Del Rey etc. This album is already beautiful and powerful.


In terms of the vocals, Dido still sounds every bit as good as she did at the start of her career. She’s got hands-down one of the most recognizable, soothing, and flawless voices in music of the last 25 years. I was so hopeful when I saw she had released a new album, and the first few notes I heard did nothing but add to the anticipation. Hers is a voice which has been sorely missing on the radio. But as the songs wore on, anticipation turned to disappointment. Long gone are the catchy hooks and beautiful melodies from the days of Here With Me, Thank You, and White Flag. This whole album was nothing but wandering and aimless house/trance music with a really great singer doing her best to bring some life to it. I gave it 2 stars just on the fact that she still sings with such ease and a few of the lyric lines were clever or thought-provoking. Lyrics - 2.5 stars Music - 0 stars Vocals - 5 stars


DIDO's music touches my Soul....I have all her albums but have missed any new music! So glad she is bringing her unique sound and words into my world again. I"ve missed YOU! All the pre-release cuts are amazing....look forward to March! Can't wait to see youliveconcert in June in Portland, OR.


Very promising... ;)


Beautiful lyrics fresh sound spectacular effects addicted to her love you dido, amazing come back 🙌🙌🙌☀️😍


Dido has returned :) after 5 years

James Del Rey

I love hurricane and friends! Can’t wait for the entire album!

Night Machine

Her lyrics are often biting, and a bit shocking. From getting revenge on an ex lover, to speaking of the plain-ness of life, no one else does it with such subtlety, and grace. Beautiful lyrics, combined with a mesmerizing voice, and you have Dido. It is some of the most personally gratifying music I have ever listened to. I hope this continues on her latest effort.

Leah Azu

So happy your back!! 😍love you


I can’t tell how good the album is going to be just on one song But a beautiful ambient masterpiece is definitely a turn on for me 8/10 Looking forward to the full release


Good grief this is so bad. Just a bunch of nothing. It’s a shame too because Dido’s voice is really good. The songs are empty and completely lifeless. She sounds like she’s singing about half asleep.




Makin a comeback!


90's kid here. I grew up listening to you and I can't wait to buy this!!

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