Eagles - Live From The Forum MMXVIII

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The negative comments make me sick to my stomach! Why can't you just enjoy the music for what it is? Y'all need to get real with life and quit living in a fantasy world!

Patrick M. Doran

The greed of manager Irving Azoff knows no bounds. When founding member (and band leader) Glenn Frey passed away in 2016, that was the end of the band. Even Don Henley said he saw no reason to continue on. Yet, four years later, here they are, schilling out another dish of the same old songs, re-packaged. Vince Gill and Glenn's son, Deacon, now round out the band. This might say 'Eagles' on it, but don't be fooled - it's not.


Vince Gill song is awesome

Freeky Deeky

For charging $ for several “Hey everybody “ clips. I’m sure the music is top notch but shame on iTunes


Horrible sound quality...try it again sometime.

I will be heard

Haven’t you made enough money off these songs. Play them live but don’t waste our time on this. Everyone who would listen to this already has at least 2 versions if not more


I prefer the Eagles. This is a solid lineup but they’re not the Eagles. But they’re making a ton of money rehashing the old songs with a bit of country mixed in. I’ll purchase one of the live albums but it will be THE Eagles.

William in rural OK

Yet another flawless example of the greatness of live Eagles played on live instruments. Support the same kind of real music...support your local bands playing those small dive bars and clubs. They’re carrying the torch for bands like The Eagles in their twilight years. And parents: give your kids music instruments and lessons. Pass the torch!


So glad The Eagles finally released another live concert. My copy arrived early. It sounds great, and The Eagles never disappoint. It may not be the same without Glenn Frey but his son, Deacon does a great job carrying on his legacy. Get this album!!! You will love it.


45 years and still fantastic live! The attention to detail is epic. Always top notch live. This is elk worth it for any true eagle fan


Can wait to download this. The addition of Vince Gill was brilliant! The Eagles music is timeless and incredible! Please come back to Nashville again. I would love to see this concert in person.


Brilliant show at The Forum to watch, and I’m so happy to be able to listen to it on my phone now! Deacon Frey and Vince Gill are natural talents and add a new dimension of sound to the already great Eagles’ California vibes. As usual Don Henley is pure magic, and doesn’t miss a beat. For being (mostly)old timers, they still rock the house! So excited for this album release!

Corona Joe

Sounds great. But how many times can you listen to the same songs. IF they have morphed into some new members....morph into some new songs!


Eagles, great band with an amazing catalog. Of course I bought this album. I hope the full album is good, but so far these live songs sound flat and joyless.


About time we got a live version of this reincarnation of the Eagles.. I need Fleetwood Mac to do the same with their new incarnation


I recorded this and have watched it at least a dozen times. I’ll probably watch at least a dozen more. Well done Deacon! I know you’re dad is smiling.

Brady Bunch Fan

I just found this concert on ESPN by happenstance, it was amazing! The Eagles are my all-time favorite. Will be purchasing this album.

Dave from Fernley

Henley has assembled the BEST Eagles tribute band in history! Assembling former employees Tim Schmidt and Joe Walsh and pairing them with former Pure Prairie League guitarist Vince Gill and a son of the founding member gives Henley just enough cred to call it "Eagles" and sell enough seats to keep hockey areans full on the off-nights. Seriously, bands like this make Daivd Byrne and Johnny Marr's decision to nerer revisit their past very valid. There comes a point for every band to end it. Eagles are long past that point.

Al L.

Legendary band still rocks. Joe is like a fine wine. Please come back to Florida when the virus clears.


Deacon Frey you have an amazing voice!, just like your dad! Vince Gill you crushed Take it to the Limit! Steuart Smith - one hell of a sexy guitar player! I’ll see you all in 2021!

I m pistol Pete 1988

Thanks for sharing this concert with us on ESPN. Our country needed this. Vote for Joe !


How many times the same old songs get put out live again, and again, and again! It gets old. I won’t waste my money, I’ll listen to my previous albums and other live recordings. Something new would be really nice.


the TV broadcast was not very good. the picture quality wasn’t as clear, and the audio mixing was not as great as usual. Hoping the digital release is way better quality!


This concert has been the best thing on TV in months! This is just what I needed. I saw the Eagles twice in Atlanta in February 2020. Vince & Deacon are such a perfect fit!


That’s all.


Just watched the performance on ESPN. They still rock! The addition of Vince Gill and Don Frey perfect.


They sound amazing love the addition of Deacon and Vince Gill!!

mfg 112

Can’t wait! Love the Eagles! Rest easy Glenn!


Just watched on tv. Love the addition of Vince Gill and Deacon Frey. Amazing concert!


I was fortunate enough to witness the show live. I’ve seen a lot of shows in my lifetime this was definitely one of the best.


It’s about time!!! The Eagles still rock!

West Coast Arty

Awesome, just awesome!