G-Eazy - Scary Nights

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way to go G. Dat boy got some BARS


Put the coke and drinks down and go back to your roots




It’s Alex

Stacks Jae

Don’t know why people giving this bad reviews, this whole Ep fire. G-Eazy is in his prime🔥🔥🔥

izzy boi


Zombie wiener in ur butt

Worth the money!


Money and ego has gotten in the way of G making good music.... like the first two albums.


What is this eazy ??

J. Tvvjrd

This dude went commercial so fast his music is garbage now. He was on the top, and now he is coming out with trash like this.


This album really resonates with me.


Garbage 🚮

ya boy jb



What happened to this guy? I mean I was kinda feeling him in 2017. But now I’m just underwhelmed


This album is dope no lie,the people who don’t like it are probably tekashi69 fans, eazy feels like a more advanced rapper on this album I like it

nightwing 20001

Been listing since his mix tapes and his very first album, but now this is just sad he’s just making music that talk about how much money he has and how he fckd up with hasley. I remember listening to Far alone back in 2014 rapping about how hard he worked to get where he is at. Now he’s just rapping to rap about the dumbest things ever


To me when artists come out with an album and there are less than 15 tracks that is not an album!

Gerald Gillum

Big Ben and kids are the only bad ones


You are such a great artist keep on making music don’t listen to the bad review you are so good I will always support your music😁


Sorry apple. Thought it was taken down. Cheers

Lydia :))

I’ve been a huge fan since Must Be Nice and I’m so sad to see him changing to fit “the new fan base”. He’s truly lost his originality and I’m so upset because he has so talent but he’s no longer raping for himself.. If you see this G, plz bring the old you back for die hard fans like me and many others, we really miss you. ❤️


Perfect timing


Amazing from first to last track! Love it!


An amazing return to g-eazy’s roots!




Absolutely amazing


I mean he’s had his better better album but as a filler he has a few boos and some good features such as gunna but overall he’s not a platinum artist such as da baby but he’s not a bad artist.

TFTi Brandonn

G-Eazy, If you’re reading this, Please stop making music.





Asian Boy Ian

G dropped more heat before the end of the year. Although we won’t ever get the old G from back in the day ever again, I am a fan of his new stuff too. Perfect mix of trap sounds to more calming, solemn sounds.


Love the change in tone half way through. Lots of good lyrics in this project, with a few bangers for sure.




Seriously ask yourself what his music does for you.... You too might see why this junkie doesn’t deserve your hard earned money.

Irish drinker


Musique Luver

G-eazy has nice lyrics and metaphores. I would like to hear a little more growth with his topics. We get it you look good and girls love you. Peel back some layers, like you did with These Things Happen and When It's Dark Out. I will purchase out of loyalty, but you better step your game up.


He ain’t good anymore he so 2017




Lets Goooooooooo!!

Lenny Mills, III

This EP is great work from G-Eazy... This EP should definitely TOP the charts!! Y’all won’t be disappointed if ya purchase this EP!! #WC #BayArea #TheBayAreaManInBlack


Ever since him and Devon Baldwin split for good, he has gone downhill.


Fire album‼️




Sorry but cheaters are cancelled


More like G-Sleazy


Eazy season is coming!!!


Please I need iTouns count


It’s a shame that rap music has been destroyed by millennials. All these rappers with stupid “Lil” before their name is embarrassing. Real rappers back in the 90s need to call out these fake “rappers” and let them know their music is TRASH.


This album has no depth and wayyy too many features. I miss his originality.

Kunye vest

Better than 2pac, Biggie, Dre, Eminem, lil Wayne, Takisha 69, Kanye Ye, snoop, Nas, Migos, drake n the rest of them combined! This album is amazingly complex and beautiful! It transcends all of the hip hop game, it innovates as well as invigorates! So many complex layers of emotions and amazing energy it will take the intellectual mind to open! But the simple minded fans can easily access too! This is a masterpiece album of the year, you can tell the work behind this was effortless yet ambitious! This is the must have all rap fans will appreciate! Get this amazing album now, best album in rap history!!!

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