George Michael & Wham! - George Michael & Wham! Last Christmas the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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George Michael & Wham! Last Christmas the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Tracklist:


Superb album n top songs even though it’s mostly his old songs


I did not want to see this movie, but this is the best movie I’ve seen in a year, maybe many years. Wonderful story. Did not see any of it coming really. And what a great soundtrack with lots of George Michael and Wham. I saw this movie a week ago and I’m still thinking about it!


Where is Emilia’s version of Last Christmas. I would have purchased the whole album just for that ONE song. I love her voice and her version is ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!! Y’all missed a huge opportunity here!!!


Me and my... friend (i think he’s my friend idk anymore) went and seen this movie together and it was the best


Why isnt Emilias song on the soundtrack??? 🤦🏼‍♀️😒😒🤯💔


This film made me feel so many emotions 💕💕💕 I absolutely love this movie and hearing George Michael was amazing!


The Icon, ⭐️Legend, ⭐️and one of the best voices ever, ⭐️ “George Michael”. This day, December 25, 2016, was your Last Christmas 🌲on this earth. Fortunately for us your music lives on forever. This is a movie built around that song by you and Andrew (Wham) and your solo career. Emma Thompson was personally picked by him to write the screenplay for the movie before he passed. A task well done by Emma. Thank you for the music, and the memories. Happy Christmas George , RIP 🙏


Album is terrific but missing iconic song that is theme of movie as sung by star. She killed it/ why is it not on soundtrack?


Her version of the Last Christmas song is truly one of my favorite renditions, and it’s not included on the soundtrack! Her voice is beautiful and I think they seriously missed an opportunity by not having it here. I hope it is included very soon because it’s too good to not be here at all


Live our George!!! Didn’t know there was so much GM music on this movie!!




All of his best hits


Another greatest hits. 🤨


George is so missed that his and that of WHAM!’s songs will live on and the Hearts ❤️of their fans🤓


A good start for someone who’s never listened to George Michael before and also the perfect playlist for someone who’s not ready to listen to completely Christmas music just yet. Classic songs.


Esta es una de las mejores películas que junto a su música va hacer parte de nuestras vida. Gracias por tan bonito gesto de amor. Y cómo dice uno de los stickers en la maleta George Michael for ever!!!


A surprisingly thorough and deep collection of GM cuts. Songs like Move On & Waiting for that day while on Listen without Prejudice, were not widely released here in the States. It is a distinct reminder of the direct line between GM and artists like Justin Timberlake for whom he blazed the trail of todays Male Mega Stars. It is also a glaring example of the rare air GM exists in, when one one looks at the stellar list and is reminded that GM wrote, produced and played the majority of instruments on these tracks.. Holding out hope the fammily releases the album he finshed before his tragic passing..

Fletch F. Fletch

If you’re a fan you probably have all of these songs, but it’s still a great collection. I love the idea of a whole soundtrack made up of his work particularly from the era and style they’ve primarily focused on here. I hope he’s rediscovered by a new generation.


I’m so happy to have this album !! His new song is amazing ! I’m so thankful to his family and David for giving us one last song from him! We love and miss you George - let the music play on!! ❤️💙

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A delightful collection of George Michael and Wham! classics plus some deeper and never-before-released tracks. New and old fans will be reminded of George Michael’s brilliant talent and that he left us much too soon. Happy Christmas....🎶


I not only can’t wait for the movie that George had a small hand in working on, but also hearing his new songs that never got released. He was so talented and such a kind soul.


Can’t wait for this- especially the NEW SINGLE from George!! 🥰🥰 Love you George & Andrew! Miss you LOTS George! xoxo