Lizzo - Good as Hell (Remix) [feat. Ariana Grande]

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Good as Hell (Remix) [feat. Ariana Grande] - Single Tracklist:


How just cause Ariana sang like 5 seconds doesn’t mean she’s in it. ABSOLUTE TRASH


it’s called ‘Good As Hell’ for a reason and for the people rating this song a low rating, please, have any of your songs been big hits? exactly, Lizzo has been going through some enough stuff (enough trolls on twitter), stop throwing hate to this beautiful woman , everyone has up and downs in their career and life but it doesn’t mean shoot em down. She is honestly too good for all of you haters, let her live her life, i mean really. I can listen to this song all day and not get tired. again... this song is ‘Good As Hell’ but y’all out here being Rude As Hell, never say this woman is “talentless” bc have you been able to play at the Grammy’s and actually win one sooooo case closed. y’all need to shut up. Lizzo is a queen. periodt.


Too bad her verse on the song was short.


😍 love it


SMH at this


if you hate her then you don’t have to be mean and say it you just keep it to yourself okay cause my whole family loves it and you should to Lizzo is a great singer


I wish they played this on the radio! They play the original for sure but I really love this one. I almost wish Ariana was in it more thou because she only sings for a few seconds.

Alexa, play despacito🤪

Love it!❤️❤️


Normally I don’t like Lizzie but I love Ari and I think that this is a pretty good song


Ariana is such a good singer. Lizzo on the other hand...




Lizzo is the worst artist of 2019 by far.

🦄🦄 magic candy

I love hearing this on the Walmart commercials.

wow that is actually nice!

Ok so first this is an amazing song as the original and if you haters can’t say anything positive about her music well then here is my advice to you, shut up and don’t be rude if you can’t be nice.


I am not hating on my two girls but i do not see how their voices are going to match


ariana is only on this remix so lizzo can get another top 10. don’t put such a talented girl in ariana with a talentless girl in lizzo




SCREW MY OTHER REVIEW! This song is amazing! Keep slaying Ariana!❤️

brezzy peezy

Despite the reviews this is an amazing song!! And ari just added something!

BHAD BHABIE is awesome

Forget the haters bc this remix is good I love it Ariana did an amazing job on this .

Princess Meem 💖👑

Ariana needs to stop releasing song after song. It’s getting so annoying seeing her want to take over the charts. She needs to take a break!


She is a dumb racist feminist who is slowly dying while promoting obesity. She needs to stop with the fat and proud thing. Its gross and she is a terrible musician. She just makes these black woman power songs and sounds corny. Give it up fatty!


Doing anything for another top 10 or #1 hit. Btw the remix is trash.


Love promoting a song for 4 years. Gaga could never

hdhdjxkdbd Ho ke

Ariana’s singing was not v good tbh

King Adryan



This gurl can’t even sing. Why is she popular ??? She sounds horrible af


This was just unnecessary


Stop making these 🤢


Milking as much money as she can out of this song...


Nothing but a cash grab



reviews peson

Everyone is good and so great 😀 and awesome expect those freakin haterssssss


I don’t know what people see in her. I don’t like her nor her music.




All she wants is charts and she used Ariana ,not good ,boring


Ugh now a remix more thrash




Love Ariana but this ain’t it


“Lizzo just wants to reach the charts!!1!1!1” what artist doesn’t? That’s literally her job y’all sound so stupid

Mikey maddogg

How can this be #2 on the billboard top 100 and how can this be played on my radio station? Almost as bad as Cardi B. Horrific voice + catchy rhythm = song on the radio. Got it


No mam


this song is from 2016. isn’t this a bit much of a cash grab?


Looking for clout hard and the fact that Ariana thinks her collabs will sell like 7 rings is funny everyone was on drugs for 7 rings honestly worst song ever. And this song was good but feels rushed anyways


Lizzo chart hungry woman 🤡


no bueno, no me gusta porque la voz de Ariana es muy mala y fea 🤢


As a pop song it’s nice and lifts spirits up after a break up. My worry is why release a remix of a song that was released 3 years ago? To top charts ? To just do a song with a big pop star? It’s weird that it’s a very late remix. The song is fine but it’s remix is generic pop, she should’ve just made a new single with Ariana instead of remixing a song from 3 years ago..


These singers do not go together


Brilliant move, brilliant song .