Lizzo - Cuz I Love You

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Cuz I Love You Tracklist:


Where the f is truths hurts. I was gonna buy but it but it poofed out of existence!!!!!


This chick can't even sing! Really annoying!


Focus on losing weight before you start trying to make music

Frank Statham Martin

Maybe she should have spent more time writing better music and practicing her vocals than being a disgusting hoe on tv.


she makes me feel good but her voice is annoying


She’s pretty much a rip off Bruno Mars



Ronin 5150

I know this woman at popeye’s that looks just like her, sings better than her and still sounds like hot garbage 🤮


Her voice? Screeching. Lyrics? Cringey. Melodies? Obnoxious.

braydonszeman the man

Ok so that’s funny some people are like O SHES SO TALENTED 😃😃😍😍😰🥴🙁😬😟😐😦😕😬 then other people like SHES ABSOLUTE GARBAGE PUT SOME DAM CLOTHES ON


How does anybody enjoy this? You must hate life.


First off, this music is horrific. Like, actually. It’s a complation of a whale squealing into a mic. Pretty hard to listen to. Second off, WAAAAY overhyped, 8 grammy nominations? Are you kidding? Who would be idiotic enough to nominate this? It’s not good enough to even deserve 1 nomination. Third off, the fact you are obese isn’t something that should be used for fame. Don’t exploit something that 40% of the world’s population is. It is NOT special under any circumstances. I’m all for people feeling comfortable with the body they have, but to use it for something like this, pretty lowlife. Don’t listen to this garbage truck of a woman. Find someone else.


her face makes me wanna barf but the music is worse


I love Lizzo’s expressive, rich voice unlike many recent pop stars! You go girl!!!!!💖💖💖💖


Say swares and you are a good singer 👩‍🎤

The king of reviews 2098467320

She is awesome! Love all the songs! New queen



The ikitty

Very great album. Tempo and Juice are my favorites

Word Girl21

iTunes.... THANK YOU!! Lizzo is amazing. Her singing is ON FLEEK and she is an amazing inspiration. Her music is soul full and it comes from the heart. I don’t think I will ever stop listening to her!!! 💛💛


Nobody should say she’s garbage because she put forth effort into these music vids so your really the only ones with two brain cells💞💞


Is she pooping in a whole on the floor???💩 She looks like her stomach hurts 😂


Please people, let’s be real, this is garbage. She cannot rap, has a absolutely no lyrical flow, and sounds like a dead squirrel.

Katie Harness

Even though I’m 10 years old I listen to this kind of music because I’m into alternative and pop music I like this stuff make more please Lizzo you’re doing great


I love the self confidence, strong vocals sense of joy that I have when I listen to her!


She is talented but I have heard the message she is trying to convey before like a million times before.


👎 nope


Garbage... no talent amateur garbage.


It's sad to see this future grandma sell her naked self to the world for her future grandchildren to wonder why grandma did this. All the other children will make fun of them because of their grandmother. It's like a poster child for food addiction, someone who's trying to bury their real demons be eating them. No such thing as big-boned. Just people who try to cover up the things they know deep down what's wrong with their life.


This is awful

Zachary Divito

Can't Wait for your New Record with My DJ David Guetta


Omg I ❤️lizzo’s songs they are so fun and energetic and every time one plays I just want to get up and start dancing


I want to puke every time I hear this. If you plan on purchasing this, just throw the money out of the window..... it would be better spent.


The album cover speaks to loudly as she knows she’s not Halle Berry Stick Figure thin! But like that’s what matters? NO! What matters is She Sings her Hormones out! Lizzo is as breakthrough as 2019 acts can be!


Lizzo is unapologetically herself and it completely shine through in this album. One of the most fun albums of this year; I can’t wait to see her shine.


such a beat! perfect for edits with a good beat and... uh yeah! just a great song!! loving lizzo currently!


Upbeat and great album.


Point blank PERIODT!


Her voice isn’t bad, let’s be honest. Some of her songs are okay, but the cover is the problem. Don’t get me wrong, she looks fine and all, but certain audiences may not like the nude cover to this album since children are capable of stumbling across it. I honestly think this lady has potential to make herself a spot on the charts some day!


My queen


I Love You Lizzie for Representing the Beautiful Person You Are!!! Keep the creativity coming!!!


her voice is awful, tried to listen but it was too hard to finish without getting annoyed.


She looks like the 💩 emoji! 😆


Another female artist who wants to be the next Cardi B no talent


Dont make me tell you again.


What has this world come to!? Please help!

Adriana M. Hillstrom

None of the songs are good & the cover is disgusting. She needs to respect herself way better. Absolutely not okay. It’s not ATTRACTIVE @ all & I hope it’s her who sees this & realizes that huge women are gorgeous, but posting nude is not & need to be respecting herself & others of how this is not pretty too see at all. Make it stop. It needs a different career.


she’s actually garbage anyone who listens to her has two brain cells


She’s hella slept on

Jeanette Stevens

iTunes, I would like to purchase the CLEAN version. iTunes and music label, please make it available for purchase.