Mac Miller - Swimming

℗ 2018 Warner Records Inc.

Swimming Tracklist:

nickname 69420

I can only imagine what it was like in your head Mac. I think this album was advice for yourself to follow. We all write, think, and say advice that we should follow ourselves. But we seldom do. But if you couldn’t follow your own advice, I sure will. Conversation pt.1 plucked my heart strings when I first heard it. Now that you’re elsewhere, that song jams on my heart strings. It makes the message seem more urgent... our time is limited. So shoot your shot. I cant thank you enough for some of your words that have resonated with me over the years. You were the first friend I’ve lost to the other side. Im not mourning anymore though. The living should honor the dead with the lessons they left us with, so that our lives could be more joyful. RIP Brother

Trust and Us


No faking it

I am really diggin mac’s later music especially. Just sublime. Probably copped that term from another review, but it describes the lyrics, delivery, and musical rhythms and instrument choices perfectly. Takes you places.


I’ve listened to this album for over a year and I’ve yet to feel tired of it. The beats are very original. You can feel the amount presence he put of himself into each word. I also don’t get the feeling of needing to skip through the songs because everything ties together so beautifully.

92 till infinity

This is the best Album ive ever heard in my life. Most Dope! thumbs Up!


His best album.


Rest Easy Malcolm. 🙏🏽


this album will always be a banger! rip mac❤️


I can’t deal with my emotions


Honestly his best album ever.


Rip Mac

Most Dope Ruby

I’ve been with Mac’s music since the start. This album is so profound out of his whole collection. I cannot stress enough how much it means to me and the other Mac Heads. This isn’t “hip hop” or “rap”. This is music, this is art. At first I was skeptical but he never failed to deliver. Very “Real life grown up” sounding and hits the feels every time. Miss you Mac, love ya.

Jeff Reff



We love and miss you mac


Not much for hip hop. RIP Mac but this album would have been much better without those 90s R&B tinkles and flourishes. The 3 released songs on NPR Timy Desk, however, are genius. Hopefully the rumor is true and they played a 10-12 song set that could be released someday. Fans & Wonderers - check out those. The stripped back sound makes for classic emotive hip hop.


One of the best albums ever


This album is a pure masterpiece. Definitely deserves all the recognition that it is getting. R.I.P. to the greatest artist ever 💜


Beautiful. That’s all you really need to know. Have a listen, you’ll be glad you did. 10/10


One of the best albums I’ve had the honor to have ever listened to. At first, I was very... skeptical, of how good this album could have been. My friend, Manuel, allowed me to listen to a few of the songs to get me interested. It sure as hell worked, because within the span of a few weeks I had already listened to the whole thing a handful of times. I’m currently going through some personal troubles of mine and listening to this album has been very therapeutic. It has allowed me to think deep into myself without losing myself in my head. It helps me to really understand and to try to fix some things on my own. Cause believe me, if I could find a way out of my head, I would take it. But I can’t, so I must confront my issues upfront and keep pushing. For that, I appreciate Mac Miller as not only a musician, but as a person. Because he is speaking to all of us who are going through troubles and allowing us to take a break to think it all through. Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of Miller’s artistic value until after he had died. I only started listening to him this year. It does not matter though. Miller was, and still is, a musical genius with a talent that no one can compare to. Thank you Mac. “I was thinking too much, got stuck in Oblivion”




Swimming was such a great album rest in peace Mac Miller



Edwin Grande

Masterpiece 🔥

Nimia A.

Jammed out to this on Spotify since it came out, now that you’re gone, I can’t stop listening, it’s perfect, genuine, and so vulnerable.. it’s beautiful. I had to buy it, this and all his albums. I hope you’re jamming out in heaven!



racist african

Thank you soo much you have helped me out on my dark times and stopped me from killing myself... this album is amazing thank you for this art Malcom! I hope you are finally at peace! 🙏🏼


Underrated album

peyton delane

My heart still hurts that you are gone, this album has and will continue to help me in my dark times. I love you forever, rest in power mac.


Love you Mac


I wasn’t heavy into Mac back when he came out but he def grew on me! This was a hell of a way to leave this earth, leaving us with the beautiful piece of work! 2009 and Jet Fuel help me so much, and then the rest of the album just flows so effortlessly #RIPMADMAC

south side kid

Rip my dude it hurt my heart to listen to your last album I was great my dude I can’t believe u gone it saddens me but I’ll always remember rip man😭😭


You were a phenomenal young man with many talents and a horrible disease that robbed you from all of that! I can’t imagine how our family and friends feel but my heart certainly goes out to them! Rest easy young man and fly high! ~RWG


malcom your work has never failed to touch others around the world. your spirit and soul will live on, I love this album so much. it’s seriously so amazing if you haven’t listened to malcom before then I suggest you listen to him ASAP.

Yay mr.

Just not good composition or production, just because it’s from a post Mortem artist doesn’t make it a good album


This album was amazing, everything Malcom did had so much soul and spirit, and this album was no different. It’s a shame that this is possibly the last music we will hear from such an amazing artist


This album was perfect I’ve been listening to Mac miller since I was 10 and to see him go is sad 😢 we miss you Mac


i don’t think there’s even a way to describe how truly amazing this album is. ive cried, danced, and sung my heart out to almost every song. my absolute favorite on the album is small worlds, but a close second would be dunno. rip legend, we miss you.


This is one of the best albums so sad you had to go so early Rest In Peace legend.

jesse haydt

This album has to be the best album of 2018 cardi B shouldn’t of beaten this at the Grammys she’s trash and her music is trash!!! I felt like I was on an adventure from the first track of this album to the last track ! Thank you Malcolm rest in peac

Brendan 777777777

U and ariii


I never really listened to Mac Miller’s music but I know no one deserves to die at age 26( I have started to listen to his old music and this album. Wow. Mac Miller truly had amazing work)

mac miller is a legend

most dope forever🥺🖤


Conversation, Pt. 1 is one of his best songs ever... wonder where Pt. 2 is...




This whole album hits me deep. I really wish he was still here to see what his music is doing for people. RIP Mac.

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