Mac Miller - Blue Slide Park

℗ 2011 Rostrum Records

Blue Slide Park Tracklist:


Always great


Mac was one the best. RIP. Music will live on forever. 🙏🙏🙏


This album was so fire for the time it came out. Doing this at such a young age and blossomed into a legend💜


Rip Mac


Probably his weakest project, but I’ll be generous and give the 7.



This name is_already taken

Bring back memories just amazing. 🌊


First album I bought on iTunes and fell in love with Mac. R.I.P. your music will live on and inspire others.


This album has been in my heart for a long time. So many memories. Rest easy my friend.




Most dope

Sir Lance A-LOT

More please

J - Lethal

My second favourite rapper of all time dope album.


I don't get why he isn't bigger honestly


How mature Pittsburgh audiences actually tout this guy as a success is beyond words. It's all about $$$$ for those that cater to the simple minded. Good tracks, garbage lyrics. I'm from Pittsburgh and THIS is embarrassing. Like the porn peddling Snoop Dog doing charities. WTH. These guys are traitors and depraived with no real standards but to feel good about themselves as they rot peoples minds and morals.


Great album. Macadelic

Caylee Sandry

A great album, must have for a true Mac Miller fan.


It took four years for this to hit my desk. I've heard of him but.... is "Action Bronson" Mac Millers dad?


Mac Miller.




I just remembered how terrible this was...


Good album by Mac and all Mac Miller fans should go buy it!


Missed calls is the best song ever! I can literally play it all day and leave it on repeat without ever getting tired of it. I love Mac Miller <3


Live it love it


The album was a nice body of work not the best but better than some of the trash music out here.


This album is such a great album

Jared Dickson

This is a beautiful album my favorite of his

Hey people!!$$$$$

Mac miller is the best artist ever!!!!!!!!

6363637282837mr west

Missed calls and a couple other are great but his mixtape a are better especially best day ever. I tunes needs to put his mixtapes on iTunes

big balls marts

the greatest album by mac


Awesome Album

That guy.?

Last time I reviewed I gave it 1 star cuz the download didn't work. It does now so I'm giving it 5 stars.


Mac millers album was sick but there was a 40 second song ain't nobody got time for that


Missed calls😍


Mac Mac


Maybe it's because I'm black, but I have no clue why people think this is good. Is it just because everyone just has to gravitate to the next white rapper now that Eminem's stuff is whack? Honestly this album doesn't have much merit. Nothing on Blue Slide Park stands out. Donald Trump and Loud were tolerable to be but there is nothing like that on this album. The lyrics are not strong and the production is okay at best. This is a mediocre album at best.

To Great

All songs sound the same


This has some deep stuff & some hyped stuff. Good mix I love what you're doing Mac dont let anyone bring you down with what you're doing now for watching movies I'm excited❤


Mac is the greatest enough said. Most dope. Thumbs up.


Been listening to mac for years now. Its about time he gets noticed


No variety in this album. Sounds repetetive, but he's better than MGK. Not better than Rittz nor Yelawolf


This album never gets old !M

Mark Salaga

Watching movies needs to be much better

Whoa! Cool Beans.

Mac miller is the realest.


sounds terrible, like all white guys who try to rap. and worst of all, he sounds like a future justin bieber, but if he actually hit puberty. save your money for something that wont make your ears bleed.


Great timing but rapping about the same nonsense black rappers are talking about.


He and Eminem have complete different perspectives of rap and life, so Eminem could not destroy him, nor the other way around. So stop talking bad about Mac Miller, because he shows life as a positive way, rather than most garbage we hear today. Love Mac Miller, Hate the Haters!


Mac Miller teaming up with flying lotus is straight g. This album is just average if not worse but his new stuff actually has meaning and his new album is even going to have a conceot to it.

Create the dope21

I remember back in 2011 when I did not know about Mac miller until I heard there's a party on 5th avenue that was the first song I ever heard of him

Music Album of Mac Miller:

The Way (feat. Mac Miller) [Spanglish Version] - Single
The Way feat. Mac Miller [Spanglish Version] - Single (2013)
Into You (feat. MAC MILLER) [Alex Ghenea Remix] - Single
Into You feat. MAC MILLER [Alex Ghenea Remix] - Single (2016)
Dang! (feat. Anderson .Paak) [Radio Edit] - Single
Dang! feat. Anderson .Paak [Radio Edit] - Single (2016)
82 92 (feat. Mac Miller) - Single
82 92 feat. Mac Miller - Single (2011)