Masego - Lady Lady

℗ 2018 EQT Recordings

Lady Lady Tracklist:


This album is a CLASSIC. Nowadays artists make singles. Rarely do we get a complete body of work that we can actually enjoy. The tables turned with this album.


I was so surprised to hear Masego’s debut have so much soul & maturity. This is one of those soul albums that people will be going back to years from now. & I love how he address sistas as “women”. I’m impressed & have been diggin’ on him for the past few days. I’m so curious to know who influences his sax style. The description says Masego seems to be an “old soul” but you have to remember musicians like Charlie Parker, Clifford Brown, Donald Byrd.....were all playing soul tunes in their early-mid twenties. Masego has reinvented what groups like Digable Planets, Shabazz Palaces, & Jazz Liberatorz did with fusion. JAZZ IS EVERYTHING at the end of the day. Looking forward to hearing where he goes from here. 🎷 Virtuous Optimist

African Joint

A solid effort by this multitalented artist -- although it took me 2-3 full listens to dub this a press play album, I am completely sold and hella excited to see how Masego continues to evolve in the future.


Real music, real artistry, everything!!! 💚


FINALLY a young man with TRUE TALENT and a nice album with song after song that makes you want to continue to listen to it. Thank you for REAL MUSIC!!! I LOVE IT!


I’ve never heard of this artist or his work before and I’m blown away with this album! THIS MAN USES REAL INSTRUMENTS! Real R&B and so soulful OMG! He needs more promotion because this shouldn’t have just 14 reviews! 🔥


I was introduced to Masego this summer through his title track “Lady Lady”. I spent the rest of the summer listening to his previous work and I’m hooked. This debut album is super dope, he’s an AMAZING artist. My only regret is that I wasn’t listening to him sooner!


757 stand up!

Zachary Sky

Love this guy. He's truly a gift out here representing honest expression and soul music. I can only hope one day we can meet and collaborate on something magnificent. What a great album!


Masego back at it again doing what he does best. He instantly transcends your ears to his realm and inserts only the greatest of sounds he has been working on the last 2 years. Well done Micah



Chauncey Fouché

This album is nothing of a surprise. Masego has been on 🔥 from the jump, period! Nothing short of an absolute classic! 🥃✊🏽🎧👌🏽


This album flows so effortlessly from one song to the next that I was unaware of the songs changing. I love the vibe altogether.


You welcome

:) TAY (:

I’m really excited 😆 to hear this album 🔥🔥🔥🎷🎷🎷