Myrkur - Folkesange

℗ 2020 Relapse Records Inc.

Folkesange Tracklist:

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Love them all. Entirely phenomenal!


Just what my soul needed in these dark times. Thank you for your art.


What a special album

Jessica L.L.

Honestly, this is a perfect album from start to finish. It sounds fresh, earthy, ancient, and mythological, just wonderful in every way. This is what modern folk music should sound like!


The soundscapes here are grounded with fine musicianship and lovely songs while simultaneously seeming to float thanks to her ethereal vocals. Vocals seem almost a misnomer as the sound flows and fluctuates like the northern lights. This album lives in the space between waking and dreams.


just wow

Miss Thunder

I haven’t heard the whole entirety album and songs, but just by listening to the preview it is a masterpiece folk album. I have been waiting for this album since she posted about it and it was put on pre-order. I pre-ordered it once it hit iTunes. I love folk music, I love her voice, the instruments. Absolutely stunning!


I just received a pre-release vinyl and it is stunning. So beautiful. I saw her play at Amoeba in LA awhile ago and she performed some acoustic folk material. This album is mostly beautifully arranged and performed folk tunes. For the moment she seems to have stepped away from her death metal influences. Oddly enough, I hear a little Grace Slick in these tunes. Not a lot, Still this is Myrkur at her finest. So stunning. I could listen to it forever.

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Wow! The three songs that have been released so far are all spectacular! This album is going to be something else. Cannot wait!


Just wow. This is so beautiful 🌿