Neil Young - Homegrown

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Homegrown Tracklist:



Quintessential Neil, looking forward to getting familiar with all of them. Love Homegrown!


Neil is the best!

Trust and Us



Thank you Neil, for stashing these away for a time where we needed a bit of old, a bit of truth, and a bit of you!


The fact this one sat on the shelf for decades sorta speaks for itself. Young was a genius in those days but sadness is oozing from these songs. Think I'll pass on this one and listen again to Harvest and After the Gold Rush.


I can see why relese this album for 40 years It just live up to his privious stuff

beef xy

If you loved the old Neil when he was making Albums like Harvest,After the gold rush and Everyone knows this is nowhere you will love this.Great Album.


Some great tunes from Neil, from a much better time, great memories! Put this on, turn it up, kick back and enjoy!😊🏝🏖 Thanks Neil, cheers🤙 ....thanks to you too Lala

Gary the baddass

truly spectacular! Love neil so much!!!


Timeless, Neil has that old school sound we need back in Rock music.


A newly released Neil Young album from his prime years. It’s a bonus that he’s backed by members of The Band.


When I listened to the single “Try” I thought that sounds beautifully like something off of Harvest. Well this album was recorded 3 years following Harvest but Young decided to put it in a time capsule so we could listen to it in 2020. Maybe because we needed some cheering up? Levon Helm on drums is divine!


Have been listening to a lot of music from the 1970s. A simpler time. Liking the unburdened, more organic energy of the era. This gem from Neil Young will fit right in.


If you love Neil it's great