Sabrina Carpenter - Singular Act II

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Singular Act II Tracklist:

ten out if ten

Whoever is hating on Sabrina carpenter is stupid she deserves recognition and attention she is phenomenal and amazing singer way better than Ariana grande by Glenn


singer + actress = goddess. best music & voice ever.

Cooooookie lover 🍪🍪🍪

I’ve been a fan since ALMOSTLOVE and I love you so much each song has a story not only it talks about confidence but it’s more relatable. 1. In my bed . 🛏 A song about you can’t get over things in one day and when you go through something it’s tough and sometimes you need to process and figure out your life 2. Pushing 20 .2️⃣0️⃣ A song about not letting people being in control of your life when you at a certain age where you have more responsibilities and maturity you shouldn’t let People get in the way of that 3. I Can’t Stop Me (ft .saweetie) 🛑 A song about not letting people tell you what to do and what you need you can’t stop yourself from doing something or loving someone 4. I’m fakin 💔 A song about a on and off relationship you in love with someone but when your breaking up with that person in your heart you don’t want to 5. Take off all your cool.❄️🥶 A song about not beating yourself up about being someone else and be your self because not every relationship will be perfect 6. Tell em’🗣 A song about you in a relationship but sometimes it’s not everyone’s business about what’s going on between you and this person sometimes it’s good to be kept secret 7. Exhale 💨 A song about not having to do everything. In one second and sometimes you just have to breathe 8. Take you back 🛍 A bop song about regretting having someone and you want to sell them back to where they came from 9. Looking at me 💃 The new “ diamonds are forever “ a definite new style from Sabrina it’s about dancing of course and has a Latino and Spanish style to it that makes you wanna dance

Wow! Reviews

5-Star -Looking At Me -Take You Back -Sue Me -Bad Time -Pushing 20 -Take Off All Your Cool -Mona Lisa I -In My Bed -Tell Em -I can’t stop me -I’m Fakin -Hold Tight -Paris All the rest are 4-stars or three stars

So proud of you girl this whole album is a bop and please keep pushing forward and making amazing music💗


I love you Sabrina😻my favs are “pushing 20“ and “ fakin” also “sue me”


Best songs: - Pushing 20 - Take You Back - I’m Fakin - I Can’t Stop Me - Looking At Me Okay songs: - Tell Em - Take Off All Your Cool Bad song: - Exhale


Sabrina never fails to amaze me with her musical genius. Every song on this album has its own unique feel to it, and I’m here for it! This reflects her success and her achievements, and she should be beyond proud of herself for executing a phenomenal album yet again. Well done, truly.


Omg, I just move this album so much. The album was produced extremely well and I love all of the songs. I don’t hate any of them. This deserves a five star and album @ #1


this needs MORE recognition bc it’s one of the best album of 2019

Timmy Diaz

best Sabrina album yet


Every single album by Sabrina seems to be the best album ever, and then the next album beats it. The talent is insane. So so so proud of you Brini! xoxo, @myprfctbrina


I love the new album, yes some of the songs are explicit and not marked as but I still love it ❤️


Absolutely breathtaking

Popular gusy

After listening to this album I wasn’t satisfied So I went back to act one and then I went back to Act II So I gave it a second chance And when listening to it again I fell in love with it I love all of her songs Sabrina Carpenter got that sexy c Side I will always be a Carpenter fan forever


I can’t stop me,In My Bed,Exhale😍😍yaasss the best😍😍😍

charleigh ana

I love the album but I don’t like I can’t stop me because I’m 12 and I don’t even talk like that I rather listen to Sabrina voice then the other guy because what he is saying kinda gross but I love Sabrina Carpenter and she awesome♥️😫


THAT! 👏🏻


Sabrina has grown so much!! I remember hearing the album eyes wide open for the first time that album is still one of my favorites and now both singular acts have shown how much she has grown as a person and artist! I wish her the best! Act 2 is everything!!


it’s amazing and that’s that


Sabrina is a queen and always will be. Love ya girly



sadking02 on twitter

thank u for this masterpiece

Focus on this app OMG

i don’t think it could’ve been better than this, amazing job sab ❤️


once again sabrina has released an album with no skips and songs that’ll fit any mood. deserves to be the next pop girl


This album really stunned me and solidified her growth as a pop-star. She completely outdid herself and this is the best work she has ever came out with! Great job!




all the songs are completely different so you will definitely like at least one of the songs, but i love all of them. my favorites are looking at me, i’m fakin, and take you back. i have been a fan of sabrina’s since 2014 and i am proud to say that i have grown with her and grown to love her new music even if she is making more “explicit” music now. but let’s remember she is 20 years old now and she can make whatever music she wants to. anyways i recommend this album and and act 1 to anyone bc there is at least one thing that everyone will like in the albums.

So so so so fun

beautiful. tells a story of a journey to self love and confidence within yourself without explicitly saying it. plus the songs are bangers.

amiya :)

as sabrina carpenter grows as a person, her music does so as well, and it’s crystal clear as i’ve watched each album replace the last as her best. every track makes you feel a different way, and they all gather to form something so uniquely sabrina. it’s a beautiful experience to listen to all of these songs and to feel the rollercoaster of her lyrics as if they were written just for you. this album, much like its predecessors, has created its own home in my heart.


this album is so amazing. i don’t know how y’all think it’s too much or showing a bad influence. she is an adult y’all. this album is my favorite from her as it is so different and she is still finding her style. i’m gonna need 100000 stars to rate this.

Chihuahua man 15

Of course as people move on with the standards of what is appropriate and considered explicit some things will slip through our guards. I am a huge Sabrina Carpenter fan but now that she is producing what may be considered explicit music in Im faking and I can’t stop me, I may stop listening. I am very sad. Still good tho.


This whole album FANTASTIC!!! She really is growing up, and I'm just glad that she gets to experience her own music and know, I guess, more about herself in music ( I don't know if that's makes sense) but anyways, I LOVE IT!!


miss sabrina carpenter is HIGHLY underrated. she constantly comes out with well-produced bops with amazing lyrics and this album is no different. she deserves so much more recognition. not only are the studio versions of her songs amazing, but she can also sing live. she is amazing. and i am so proud of her. this album deserves multiple listens. my personal faves- looking at me, take you back, and i cant stop me.

cyn 🖤

so i’ve been a stan of sabrina since 2016 and she’s grown so much lyrically and musically. like when you look at eyes wide open or evolution, there so different to this album. something i want to point out is the same person who wrote can’t blame a girl for trying, wrote i can’t stop me. YALL SMELL THAT EXCELLENCE? that’s growth ladies 🥂 musically this album is so different than her ‘regular’ sound but im so in love with it. i love this new flavor she’s playing with. but anyways im so proud of you sab i love you & i can’t wait to experience this album live ♡


She needs to stop with this whiny voice and sing like she normally use to. It’s ruining her music

In my bed makes the album even better then the rest already and “I can’t stop me” 🥵💘


Really will done! Little bit different because of explicit stuff but otherwise good stuff! Catchy


Ok, so first let me say that I've become a fan of Sabrina when Act I was released, and love her new music-both lyrically and sonically. This album is AMAZING, but it really needs to be marked as explicit. Songs such as "I Can't Stop Me", "I'm Fakin", and "Exhale" aren't clean. (I think that there was another song in the mix, but that's what I can remember right now) "I Can't Stop Me" I would personally say is the most explicit because of how the expletive was used. Again, I love this album, but it needs to be labeled as explicit, and I would love a clean version of this to be released.

grl hayyy

This album is... incredible. Amazing. But most of all, completely badass😜 I love sabrina so much, she’s so insanely talented! Congrats sabrina, your music is amazing and so are you


It’s so good especially “Take Off All Your Cool” and Pushing 20.


tell em is my new favorite but i'm so proud of her


Said it when she did her last album, the people she’s working with have taken her down a dark path. No coming back at all. This material has no heart. Absolutely horrible writing, beats are tamed down with secondary backtracks that are not needed at all. Sad to see such a talented person lose touch of what once was great.


phenomenal. as always of course.


I like all the songs with new sounds of music. Carpenter since 2k19


i love her so much. absolutely NO SKIPS on this album. my favorites are take you back, tell em, and looking at me! i love u sabrina 🥺


It’s amazing, what can I say? She’s so talented, and I literally can’t stop relistening. She’s evolved so much, and everyone’s so mad at her for cursing in her songs, but overall? They’re beautiful, and Sabrina’s gonna go places. :D


love this new pop princess


You know, I loved Singular Act I and was so excited for Act II; however with songs like Track #3 “I Can’t Stop Me,” it should be rated as Explicit with its sexual references and a certain five letter word said by the rapper. I was a little disappointed with the album, even though “Exhale” came out with another four letter word I guess you could say that I wasn’t really expecting this from Sabrina. I still really like Sabrina’s vocals, and the tracks “Pushing 20” and “Looking At Me,” and think that they’re really fun ^.^. Despite her labeled as a Christian according to the web, none of her songs talk about her being a Christian. She just mentions someone “messing with her faith” but not in any “faith” structured context if you know what I mean. But it’s whatever, a couple of these songs from Act II isn’t going to stop me from listening to Act I!

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