Sam Smith - Love Goes

A Capitol Records UK Release; ℗ 2020 Universal Music Operations Limited

Love Goes Tracklist:


This album is better then his other albums I’m not really into Sam smith but must say I like this album & will purchase it!👍


Love love love this album and the man you have become! I hope you find the man you have always dreamed of!

Cameo KS

This is Sam’s most cohesive and elaborate album to date and I am completely here for it. Absolutely love it and it’s on repeat.


Go [email protected] yourself / you have no idea if Sams vocal range... if u don’t like it don’t listen. This man has a great gift and I am honored to have the ability to listen to his vocals..... thank you thank you Sam




You do know you’re a dude and not both or neither right? Pretty sure you’re not a girl Sam

Alexia Robertson

I love this! So beautiful

Theist in the wold



Such a beautifil, vulerable album. My fave tracks are Forgive myself, Another One and Love Goes. Hopefully "Forgive Myself" will be the next single.


I wonder were these songs gonna be on “To die for” or are they all new songs.


I absolutely LOVE this album!!!


There’s no other way to describe this album ❤️. Made me reminisce to the time I was in love. Sam smith knows how to really pull with my heart strings lol.


I like his new songs he just gets better every time you should do a song with Adele it would be great to see that or hear it ☺️


Wow, just wow! What an incredible album, it gives me chills, Sam has an amazing voice, o my god!!

Maricelis A

Great album! I love his voice and lyrics... so glad I have new music to listen to..


This non gender sloth needs to hang it up.

Yo 262784

How do you sleep is a banger


Makes me happy and just a wonderful voice🤩




This is it 😊


One of the best male voices of our generation. Amazing album


You make heartbreak sound so beautiful


so queer, so good, so cohesive!


I’ve never had a reaction to an album like this


My favorite song is Diamonds


Why " So Serious guys " ;) Yes i pre ordered (To Die For Also) As far as the Album you get 5 stars (I could dedcut a star over a few bucks) We review and rate the music (I went on his facebook and was told that it changed to this)Love goes from To Die For - I do think thats odd we did have to pay for the songs twice! Now to the MUSIC " Favortie songs off of the Album " (Young - My Oasis - Dance Untill you love somone - For the Lover that I lost - FORGIVE MYSELF - Love Goes - Kids Again - To Die For - Fire on Fire) I would have to say my absolute favorites are ( Forgive Myself and Kids again)Love the diffrent sounds on this album and all of the dance - out of all of music i have bought - I would have to say my favorite ablum is (The Thrill of it all) I have been Listening since the start! I have preOrdered and bought EVERYTHING! Also had to buy tickets for the Live at Abbey Road (I was told i would get a ticket for preordering his CD album) " Off of his site " I would get it an hour before the show. I had to buy another - Never got the ticket i was promise for pre-ordering the actual (Love goes cd) So Yeh - odd having to pay for stuff twice! For me he would not loose rating on the music. Fantastic Album. Love it Sam. Adam from @OvahFx


Sam never stops amazing me with their incredible vocals and powerful lyrics. Love them so much!


His music really helps me when I’m down! He just an amazing incredible artist!!! Album definitely deserve an award!


Sounds like someone is squeezing his nads when he sings. 😲

cdt BBC stufeydfbjj

this man has an incredible voice. i wish i had half of the range he has. from someone who works hard everyday. i know how much sweat, blood, and tears it takes. i am so honored to listen to him. with all my love thank you sam.😘👨🏻‍🦲👨‍❤️‍👨🌸🌈


I love Sam Smith's voice. Such a sweet, melodic, transformational sound. I love it, and live with it making my days smoother. Love it! Thank you Sam!!!


Sam Smith’s voice/music has been a bandage and a bridge helping to get over painful memories. This album soothes and strengthens while also showing that there will be something better in store. Thank you Sam!


Incredible album.


My mom loves this album and she never has listen to modern music before! She gave me money to buy two albums🥰


Well my favorite song from this album is diamond but to me, I like the old ones better what I suspect. I say it’s not boring but I hope it changes life. What I wish for is the happy and sad song that gives me luck from the life training.


❤️❤️😭 thank you 🙏


Lyrics are week, songs are to slow and boring. I feel like he's always just the same old sam in every song. Nothing different.

Iffy cuff

stream positions

G^2 😎👌

I really love how Sam tried to do a slightly different style of music this time. His voice sounds ever so wonderful on the more pop-styled grooves. I also really like that even though he changed his style, the songs are still meaningful, emotional, and lyrically beautiful. This is definitely his best album yet!


This album is a masterpiece, at the truest sense of the word. Sam has crafted something for the ages and we will never forget it, bravo SS! xo Andre Asatryan


Love every song. Sam’s voice can do no wrong.


Sam Smith has written an album that spoke to every facet of my being. This album moves like an ocean in a storm, and sweeps your feelings off their feet. The main track, Young, is an absolutely intimate song. They have accepted themselves and will not take criticism to their core. My Oasis is a hypnotic love song for those who have found their twin flames. And absolute jam to dance to. For the Lover that I Lost is a tsunami of memory and reminiscing on the past love with somebody you truly connected with, and as someone who felt this, I was shaken to my core when the lyrics filled my ears. The title track, Love Goes, is a musical endeavor like a glass of wine; the flavor goes deeper than a simple sip. Labrinth’s production for the song is absolutely phenomenal and their voices mixed so well. This album is pop perfection.


When you need to feels something and no idea how to express it just wait for Sam to show you the way!

Gael Kamil

Loved all the songs!


This album is amazing! Every song just hits you and is so powerful!


seriously this is a great album overall. Much much Better than expected


Good job Sam


Vocally amazing. A beauty of an album. Slay. Team 1992. Young. Xoxo


Such a wonderful album


This album is HEALING! 💔➡️❤️

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