Sturgill Simpson - Cuttin' Grass - Vol. 1 (Butcher Shoppe Sessions)

℗ 2020 High Top Mountain Records marketed and distributed by Thirty Tigers

Cuttin' Grass - Vol. 1 (Butcher Shoppe Sessions) Tracklist:


Sturgill, is yardwork for the SOUL. One of the greats of our era and beyond. Peace & Blessings.


Don’t hesitate. It’s great.


Every single song. Just listen to it already!!!


Excellent bluegrass reimagining of a lot of influential Sunday Valley and SS songs. This new guy sounds a lot like the artist I fell in love with many years ago. I hope this sound or something like it is here to stay.


Sierra Hull plays on this album. Of course it’s great.


When I read how this album cane about and how it was recorded I though, “Meh, I’ll give it a listen.”, knowing full well I don’t even like bluegrass. The only thing I dislike more than bluegrass is when artist try to reinvent existing songs (Metalica’s symphony albums anyone?). When I listen to this album I am absolutely AMAZED because the songs sound like they were written as bluegrass songs. These aren’t rehashed songs, they are all new. I feel the fiddle player is the element that really elevates this album. Awesome playing. Download this album now. And don’t forget to download Sound & Fury too.


A wonderful collection of traditional country and blue grass


Late to the party I Found Sturgill this year with sound and fury, great album. Then as I delved into his other albums I saw his true genius. However after listening to fresh cut grass i found an excitingly fresh rehash of that genius. His bluegrass makes you feel good. Like hanging out with Papaw on the porch. A++

Nothern hillbilly

Thank you for this. With sturgill, jinks, colter, and many other new artists i feel good about the future of country music. I dno what i would do if all we had was manufactured pop country on the radio...


Okay, You already know the soul of his songs and you probably love or appreciate the soul of Bluegrass music. Well imagine the two combined. This album is a fantastic blend of the two. It takes the Sturgill you love and adds it to the medium of Americana music you appreciate.


B. E. A. U T Ful!!!!!!!!

J.A.G Sports

Sturgill went back to his roots


Loving It!


Finally some Sunday Valley on iTunes! 🥳

bama jeff

Best country/bluegrass album i have heard in a long time! Great vocals and fantastic band! Well worth a listen, this is what music is all about!


The best part about this album is that you don’t even know you need it until you hear it, and need it you will! I love every song on here. Not many albums I can say that about. BDD lawn service has top notch quality if you know what I mean. You won’t be disappointed!

Gavin Beech

Awesome album... that’s it


Way to go Sturg! Keep doin yer thang.

Don Buffalo NY

This makes my ear holes happy.

Hurley, dude

Dick Daddy comin’ correct.


Simply Beautiful


Nothing special. Glad he’s doing something more suited to his voice but all of these songs were a little better in their original style.


Sturgill and his group of bluegrass musicians certainly don’t disappoint with this installment of ripping tracks! Grab yourself some sweet tea, a corn dog and Go Buy a T-Shirt!


Great sound - regardless of the fact that these are old songs. Thanks, Sturgill!


Can’t complain. This is what this world needs.


True American patriot


Hell yeah! This is Sturgill’s wheel house. That pickin’ and that gravel. Get it, boy!

Big D Guitars

I really am digging the album. Enjoy the remix of his hits. Just what I need for a Friday am.


In these crazy times where freedoms are being stripped from Americans, this is a nice album to take your mind off our country going down the drain by the Democrats. TRUMP 2020

Phillip Ring

Probably... it’s talent on another level. It’s the quintessential modern Bluegrass record with an all star cast. Headed by the modern day renaissance man. America at its finest and if you don’t buy it and love it... you’re wrong.

NFW Motorsports

Sure do like this new album. Got a great bluegrass sound to some classics. Enjoy!!

Hookem Tim



Loving the bluegrass!

Jfo Review

This is exactly what we need to remain calm in 2020!


Sturgill could put out an album of him singing with a lawn mower as the only other sound and it would be incredible. Nailed it again!


Dat boi at it again


Sturgill reminding everyone why is one of the best artists of today.


As a 41 man I’ve grew up listening to all kinds of music.. as a child My Dad had me listen to all music from Beach Boys to Steppe wolf Merle Haggard to Bill Monroe.. I grew up learning to play music and writing songs to the Music my dad grew me up on.. 10/16/20 Sturgill Simpson has not only blew my mind once again by releasing the Best Bluegrass album.. love how he took songs he recorded on other albums that were the best Country Albums to the Date and made them like fresh Cut Grass “No Pun Intended”.. love how Sturgill is a true Artist and not just a Machine that does the same thing over and over cause it worked the first time.. Hope you enjoy this Bluegrass Album Sturgill Simpson went back to his Kentucky roots on this one.. Joshua D. Bearden

Geoff_ C14

Take your Zyrtec if you’re listening. Stu is cutting up some grass.

colton 01

Great Album, Solid work Sturgill (DD)!


You can hear every instrument and most importantly Sturgill loud and clear in this amazing record. Those that complained about the departure from country on his last album are brought back to where it all began.

devila teal

Stellar album with an all star bluegrass band including Sierra Hull and Tim O'Brien on vocals. Looks like Sturgill might have meant what he said at the Ryman Livestream performance in June, when he proclaimed, " I have great ambitons of a life of gravel parking lots and Porta Potties. I'm gonna be a bluegrass musician." Let's hope so!


Amazing, I want mire if this!


Stayed up til midnight waiting on this to come out. Not disappointed. Get your Zyrtec out before you download. The grass is strong with this one. Gonna hop on the bush hog and ride the rest of the night out til I’ve got to work at 6. Love they cut some Sunday Valley tunes into the mix.


Very impressive album. I love to here these songs in the bluegrass genre. I believe Sturgill has found his true genre. He sounds so natural in bluegrass. Keep cuttin that grass!