Taron Egerton & Elton John - Rocketman (Music from the Motion Picture)

A Virgin EMI Records release; ℗ 2019 Paramount Pictures, under exclusive license to Universal Music Operations Limited

Rocketman (Music from the Motion Picture) Tracklist:

Love one direction biggest fan

It’s so good taron voice is just amazing in this hope he comes out with an album best movie this year for sure!!! 🤍


Absolutely love the soundtrack and the movie, Taron did an excellent job and Elton John would not have put all his energy into someone if he didn’t believe!! ❤️❤️

devo savage

Taron is great

StrataJem LostSans

The movie was a fantastic ride! Taron is just amazing <3 Seriously,nwatch this movie and get this soundtrack!!! The duet between Taron and Elton is just a singer's dream come true right there ;3


I love the movie and the soundtrack is phenomonal!!!!! Best Actor for Taron!!!


It was watched twice. I particularly liked when Elton has his first performance at the Troubador and he begins Crocodile Rock slow, with a blues riff and then pumps it up. It was a really good biopic. There was a moment when I wanted to punch John Reid. So. Yeah. It was very easy to watch, again. Have fun.

That Platypus

yes. just. yes.


Taron is the best person for the job. Elton did a good job picking him.


I’m no Elton John hater I love his songs but Tarron is Really REALLY BAD at singing Although with the costumes on he does Kinda look like Elton But this album is terrible I will most definitely not be watching the film In Decades My opinion is they should have used Elton’s voice INSTEAD of tarron’s And When it gets released on dvd blu-ray and digital there should be an option to putt Elton’s voice for the songs instead of tarrons All in all it’s a bad album! You’ve been warned


Purchased the album thinking it would be Elton Johns back catalogue, such as the Bohemian Rhapsody soundtrack had actual songs by Queen . Nope this is no different than any party city hits cd sung by someone other than the artist


Taron was the perfect pick. He embodies Elton so well

Tammyd 67

I have seen this movie twice, and will see it many more times. I love how they incorporated all aspects of the movie in this sound track, young Elton, teen Elton and grown Elton. Taron Egerton is phenomenal.

skiney penis

You got to give a round of applause to Taron he really can sing DONT LISTEN TO MADFOR80s


I grew up with the songs on this ‘album’. I LOVE what Giles Martin did with these songs to bring them to a new generation. He didn’t leave the ‘classic’ fans behind. Taron Egerton does an outstanding job. He doesn’t imitate. He creates and makes these songs his own. I can’t wait to see what he does next. My hope is picking up an Oscar in 2020 for this movie. The rest of the cast also steps up to support Taron with their performances. When I listen to this soundtrack, I can easily see these arrangements as part of a musical 😀


Taron Egerton (as well as everyone else with vocals such as Richard Madden and Jamie Bell) did absolutely amazing with this soundtrack, especially considering they had to live up to the great Elton John. Would definitely recommend listening to the new renditions of these timeless songs, and would also definitely recommend seeing the amazing movie that is Rocketman!


What can I say? Taron needs to be nominated for an Oscar. Academy, you can just carve “Taron Egerton” into the Best Actor Oscar and that will save some time ;)


He really nails it.


I would like him to release an entire album of Elton John covers like Cher did after Mamma Mia 2.

#1 Click Five Fan

I absolutely love everything on this album, in addition to really enjoying the film. As a fan of Elton's music, I appreciate hearing songs I already love done in a new way that doesn't lose what I loved about the original but gives me something new to cherish at the same time. As a Beatle fan, I can also hear a heavy Martin influence circa Sgt Pepper and MMT that I really enjoy. Taron has done a phenomenal job both on and offscreen and this is the first time I've bought an album in a while instead of just streaming it through Apple Music!


This is the best soundtrack I have ever heard


At first when I heard that Taron was going to play Elton John, I had it in my head that he was totally wrong for the part. I’m glad that he proved me wrong. Not only was he just right for the part, but he did an extraordinary job. Now keep in mind this is a musical fantasy based on EJ’s life and the music doesn’t follow in chronological order, but it makes sense. Taron will be the person to beat for the Academy award this year. Not that I believe in the Academy Awards anymore, but if I did, this ranks up with some of the best biopics ever.


This is amazing! And for 11 dollars, what a steal! Taron Egerton can sing, and he’s amazing at it. I love Elton but some of these renditions are better than the original. Definitely worth it, must buy!





Tim W J

I am about as big of an Elton John fan as their can be. Taron not only is exceptional in this role but I believe actually sings a few of the songs better than the originals.


Taron Egerton has a wonderful voice that I could listen too all day, the music, the acting, the professionalism in the interviews.... Taron is a class act! Looking forward to seeing more of him and his magnificent voice in the future!


I loved the album, I loved the new Elton John song and I was very surprised with the song Thank You For All Your Loving considering it was only released on an ep in portugal

Jim S in Oak Park IL

Beware - this will download into two separate albums, neither in the order of the songs. The first album will be the 14 songs Taron sings alone. The other 8, sung by multiple artists including Elton, will appear on a second album. They do not play in the order of the “complete album” or the order in the movie. Aside from this glitch, the music is SENSATIONAL! Just like a Broadway musical, Taron’s interpretation and vocals are superb!


Who want’s to heat another person sing Elton John songs

Chef Meeshell

Amazing soundtrack! Best movie ever! Cheers to Taron & Elton!!


Doesn’t sound the least like Elton. Any bar-band tribute would have sounded as good or better.

Mark in New Orleans

We are fortunate for Elton’s life and art and Taron’s onscreen presence and voice.


To Taron, your performance in the film was enough to praise you. Then, you sang your song. All I can say is good show, lad, good show.


All the exuberance of "Hey, kids! We can do the show right here in the barn! ". . . and that's a good thing. Really?! you want a another Greatest Hits package. Taron Edgerton can sing. duh? With Edgerton and a competent cast delivering satisfying vocals and orchestrations more leaning to the musical genre to lesser known Elton John compositions and "sing in the shower" hits; "Rocketman" could be the "Grease" for a new generation. An exhilarating musical soundtrack experience which captures the energy of the surrealistic movie. My only complaint is the exclusion of the cue music, I would have loved the inclusion of the Prelude/Overture and the Disco Orgy. I am hoping . . . and waiting for the DELUXE edition! (You want to hear Elton John vocals, buy a Greatest Hits package (pick one . . . or more! They are Great! Let US live in peace.)


This album is incredible. I love that Elton gave Taron the creative freedom to give his own take on these songs. No one could do them better except Elton himself. This soundtrack will definitely help feed my Rocketman addiction. 🚀


Aside from Taron’s amazing performance as Elton John, he can also sing brilliantly. 5 stars! ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🚀

Gospel According to Mark

Apart from watching the performances in the film, which are essential to EJ's story—and impressively rendered by the actor himself -- why would anyone want to listen repeatedly to an Elton John impersonator’s inferior versions of these songs when the outstanding originals by the man who created them are available right here? Do you think you’ll play the entire soundtrack more than once?


Taron was fantastic in the film. He is so talented and rocked in the film and the music.

vinnie fp

its probaly great muisic and performance for the film , but listening to the songs....makes me cringe....im sorry.


Just saw the movie and if you are a real fan you will love it...... The music was great and all the work that was put into it shows. All the haters need to crawl back into the holes and stop with the negativity. Elton approves of it and all his true fans do also. There will be a Oscar for this movie!!


Taron can sing! The movie is great and the soundtrack is awesome, just the right songs. I love it!


The movie was great and the music is awesome, loved it


Taron did an absolutely amazing job. I’m gay so of course I understand the movement to have gay actors play gay roles but truth be told not only did ELTON JOHN HIMSELF pick Taron, but I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing the role/reprising these songs.


What a brutally honest film about Elton’s life and music. They were the highest of high’s and the lowest of lows, and yet he transcended above it all. Taron sang all of Elton’s songs, selected by Elton himself and was amazing. Rami Malek won an Oscar for lip singing, Taron better win one for this performance.


Hahahaha, what a joke... Of course he doesn’t sound exactly like Elton... that’s what Elton asked of him. Stay within the troupe, but sing it your way. It adds to the authenticity and the man can sing. He can sing very well. People saying he can’t, obviously, are disturbed and don’t know anything about what it takes to be as good as he is... but, hey... I guess we all have an opinion... just don’t listen to theirs. Just like they, obviously, haven’t listened to this soundtrack. Ignorants is bliss, I guess.


Amazing!! Loved the movie! Buying sound track because of it!


I saw the movie last night and I have to say the music really makes the film. Taron does a FANTASTIC job on the soundtrack and in the movie, it’s no wonder Elton chose him to sing. Obviously these songs on this soundtrack aren’t sung by Elton but that doesn’t really matter. If you want the originals, go download the originals. But don’t think that these songs are any less wonderful being sung by someone else. Elton chose Taron to sing these and I can see why. I love both versions and I think you’ll appreciate the soundtrack even more once you see the movie. So go see it in theaters!


not a compliment


Taron never owns the songs. Production is great but the singing is largley monotone and sterile and also sounds like a bad broadway play. Hard to do Elton.

Bford's Best

Saw the movie in preview and LOVED the movie. Taron was amazing and some vocals from Jamie Bell and Richard Madden were a pleasant surprise. I think the Taron takes tough to sing songs and makes them his own. You know it is not Sir Elton, but I liked that Taron made it work. The movie viewing made the music really work for me. Great job to the entire team, but especially Taron.