Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Eve and Other Stories

℗ 1996 Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United States and WEA International Inc. for the world outside of the United States.

Christmas Eve and Other Stories Tracklist:

Wolf Kawia🐕🐉🐾

This sums up the meaning of Christmas plus the emotion and greatness of music!!!!

I absolutely love this album start to finish. “Old City Bar” alone is worth the purchase, just a great album in general.



Pnfrl Enm

I love the combination of orchestra and metal. The way they did that was so clever. Favorite Song: Christmas Eve / Sarajevo 12/24




Am I the only one that came here after hearing the one song played by Dwight in the Office?

Freddy Logan

That is a wonderful Christmas song with 12/24 to eve until Santa comes at Christmas Day holiday cheer... 😇


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Big Timm

I first heard TSO on Christmas night 2003. I was given a copied CD of "Christmas Eve and Other Stories" by a friend that new my taste in music. My wife and I were on our way home when I popped in the disc and from the very beginning of "An Angel Came Down" to the last full song "An Angel Returned" I have been hooked. The last few acoustical tunes are just filler but every tune before those are great. I was so hooked I made sure to go see them in concert Christmas 2004 and have not missed a TSO Christmas Show or "Beehtovens Last Night" tour since. The music and lyrics are so inspiring and also Christian. If I did not know better I would think they were a Christian group because of their lyrics. But that was put to rest when I talked to the drummer Jeff Plate and he laughed when I asked him if he is a Christian and he responded "I don't think so." That blew that theory out of the water. But when you listen to these songs, listen to the stories. If you have a soul you will cry, smile, laugh and just be uplifted. "Good King Joy" is the story concerning the three wise men and the journey to see the new born King...GREAT LYRICS and the music is too. That is just one of many. "Old City Bar" will bring tears to your eyes and then "This Christmas Day" will leave you filled with joy. I could go on about TSO, and this is only one of the trilogy. Get all of them, you will not be sorry. "Christmas Eve and Other Stories" is by far the greatest Christmas contemplation ever put me on this. And to the downers that trash this and the other two of the trilogy; you have no soul and you know nothing about music or the meaning of Christmas. Rest In Peace Paul O'Neill, you have inspired so many during your short time on this planet...your end came way too soon.

Moey 12

Have always loved the instrumental of this song and Trans-Siberian Orchestra does a great job! Was creating a Christmas playlist for my spin class and this will be a good song to “climb” to!!


im sobhappy to hear this alboum


Great album, however Song 2 (o holy night) downloads as first snow. Now I have the same song twice. 😒


I love their album. My school orchestra and I played christmas/ serejevo for our winter concert and it was fantastic


I have seen these guys live 16 times (sometimes twice a year). They are phenomenal. This really gets my Christmas spirit going! Thier other albums are great as well, and they even have 2 that aren't Christmas themed. To anyone who enjoys music, rather you like rock, rap, country, or classical, you will love this album, and this band. I guarantee it :)

Barracuda 70

It is very up beat


This is the best Christmas album I've ever bought! I often listen to it over and over again during the holiday season. You won't be sorry!


This is there best album yet I love listening to it for Christmas but when it's not Christmas I still listen to it


Beethoven has two e's.

Rock music of joy and peace

The best music ever. It's like rock but your talking about Jesus at the same time . I love the Music love love love love love love it. I went last year and the year before it was the best in history and beyond . I love rock music and music about God or Jesus.the best best best best best music ever in the world Best music ever. Best music ever. Best music ever. I love the music.

<3 Nina <3

I saw them in concert which I highly recommend. If you love this album imaging 2 hours of them playing in concert. There was not a dull moment. They are a must see! Wonderful music.

Herr Baer

The first concert i ever went to was a TSO concert and i loved it.So good at what they do.My favorite song is First Snow.I'm going to your concert soon at consol energy center.I posted things about TSO on Facebook and bought every song!I am a 6th grade drummer and i play along with them on my iPod .I'm striving for pro drummer.Keep up the great music.And never quit!


This is the best Christmas album ever! It is like a mix of rock-in-roll and classical music and it tells the best stories, if you just listen to the music.


This album is full of great and innovative Christmas music. This is true only of the instrumentals. Some of the songs are near classic. The vocals, however, are terrible. For instance, on Good King Joy, the song is awe inspiring until the vocal section. Total loss of majesty. The tone changes completely and it is such a let down until it ends with the instrumental section again. This is a theme repeated on all TSO albums. Perfection ruined by shoddy attempts at rock vocals that have no place in Christmas music.


Full of rushed timing, blasé phrasing, and a simply uninspired spirit of musicality. This is like taking the Mona Lisa and slapping her across the face. Worst $1.29 I've ever spent, and I love TSO. They not only missed the mark on this one, they nuked it as they flew past.


I saw these guys in concert last year for my b-day. They ROCK!!! They were on this elevated thingy at one point. Where I was sitting, I was so close! (Two of them, btw) they waved to me!!!! :) The guy was kinda cute, actually. He had a nice smile. ;) (don't tell anyone I said that!)


Some of the best music I've ever listened to! My favorite is Sarajevo 12/24. That song is hands down the greatest Christmas song of all time.


The best christmas album I ever heard.


no words can express the talent these guys have to turn classic christmas songs into masterpieces


Great!! My favorite is Christmas Eve Sarajevo

Momja T

I love the music but am disappointed because Christmas Eve/Sarajevo won't download, and that is my favorite song on here. I am new to iTunes and have no idea what to do about this.

Cheese Head2462

Some of the best Christmas music I've ever heard


Awesome Christmas Album


I purchased this Trans-Siberian Orchestra CD and all the songs transfered extept Christmas Eve/Sarajevo. Song #8 on the album. I purchased the Album to get that particular song. The song is in there and states that I purchased it, but it is in a cloud and won't allow me to download it. There was nothing showing on the album that this particular recording had to have a special authorization requiting me to pay and additional $29.95 authorization fee. What a rip off.


I played in an orchestra and I still love them. Some people obviously don't know good music.


Ok, so obviously some people are very close minded when it comes to music. Criticizing this art because it is not traditional classical music or to one person's individual liking is rediculious. This album is phenomenal in my opinion but I will not criticize anyone for choosing to give I a bad review. I highly recommend this album and every TSO album for that matter.


This has to be my favorite Christmas album of all time


This is typical. Let's make already great songs sound like garbage by jacking it to an amp. I have heard of Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and they mostly attract those whom never truly listen to classical music or have never played classical music in an orchestra. I really did wanted to give them a try, because in the past my orchestra teacher used to make fun of this group to his class. After listening to all the tracks of this CD and their others, I can finally say that they are terrible.

Googled tinsel

Best Christmas song ever! Blew my mind away! Take that back, best song ever!

ant 101

I always thought that this was an amazing band, but I was at the concert for this cd. AWESOME! The concert was the best thing ever! How can u not like their music! I have to know how how someone can hate this! Five stars! I wish I could go six or seven stars! If I could I would!


Just came back from seeing their concert! Holy freakin sheeeaaat! Their concerts get better every year! Best group in history.


Love all of the songs on this CD

Big JN

Nvr hear the electric guitar in Christmas songs something different for sure and loving it!


TSO will never get old! The review above is exactly right; the music blows you away. Whether you're listening in the car or seeing them live on stage, the emotional experience is unlike any other. They do an amazing of putting their own rock/classical twist to traditional Christmas tunes. Love, x1000! Biggest fan:)


Listen to mad Russian best song ever

Awesome dude 32

I've seen them in live concert and they are AMAZING. especially Christmas/Sarajevo.When they played it there were red flashing lights moving around on digital red panels and the music was amazing too. It was truly a sight to behold !

Purple Girl411

Christmas eve is intense but still carries a festive Christmasy feel to the whole song. Amazing! I absolutely love it!

Magical tofu john

I saw TSO when they came to georgia last week. It was amazing with cool light shows. HIGHLY RECOMMEND to start off Christmas




Their song "Christmas/Sarajevo"; oh my goodness they tear up that song!!!!!! I hear it on the radio every year and I always wanted to know who that was and the name of it. I am so glad that I was able to find out by hearing about them coming in concert.  I would love to experience a concert like that, because I can only imagine what it must be like to see them in actuality!!