Various Artists - NOW That's What I Call Country, Vol. 12

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NOW That's What I Call Country, Vol. 12 Tracklist:


Best songs ever!!!



mallory rose

It is ok album it is not some I would like to have


What a bunch of whiners! It’s country! Deal with it!!!!


I love all of these things because I love country and you guys hit it

Don Buffalo NY

That elevator music drastically needed , sure to make that 1st to 4th floor accent so much more enjoyable. Airport bathroom music surely will reap the benefits this conglomeration of bro country and sleep inducing trashvillle hits will deliver also. Hit it out of the park once again Nashville great job !! 👍


Great CD- witness the evolution of country! Old timers gonna hate because they are stuck in another era hoping for the past to be the future. It’s here. Stop hating.

Rio m.k.h.

I think it would be better with old town road.take your horse down to old town road and find lil nas x.🐎🛣👨🏿‍🌾👩🏾‍🌾

My Simple side

When will Nashville ever embrace Texas Red Dirt and other high quality independent songwriters and touring performers again? They are missing the boat.

My Name's Roy Johnson

There isn't much in the way of country music on this compilation.


Uhh these songs aren’t even traditional country try again

O0o0 0o0F

I don’t even have to say it.

Montville Connecticut

The best music ever!!!!!

Kayla Opare

From Kayla To all!


thank god that didn't put that lil nas x song on here "old town road" it's not country heck it's not even a good song howerver you want to clasify it. maybe in the garbage ear bleed genre


Oh, for the days of real country music and not pop country. ;(

Yo 262784

This is not country at all

Dig Hey Zoos

It don't matter if it's on there or not. It still don't make it better.


Would it be so hard.... to put it on here ...

I miss old taylor

Where’s the Chesney songs

Yay mr.

Would have been a good album except I noticed a shocking lack of inclusion for the country billboard charts #1 song “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X.


That's not what I call country. Poor Johnny and Merle are rolling over in their graves.


Old Town Road not included.


No old town road not satisfied


Mostly good, but Kane Brown should never be used in the same sentence as "country!"

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