Various Artists - The Lion King (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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The Lion King (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Tracklist:


Yes the originals will always be classics. Nothing really wrong here. Plus I’m really here for Hans Zimmer.


I’ve always love the lion King. And I don’t get how people don’t like it. I did choose once movie playlist I would use The Lion King because it’s best I don’t know what else to say I just wanted to give it five stars because it’s the best.


This soundtrack is good when it reuses the classic themes from the original. But the new songs How do I put it? Pretty stinky. By “classic themes” I meant just the background music not the actual songs. ‘Circle of Life’ is fine. ‘I just can’t wait to be king’ sounds 100% auto tuned. ‘Be Prepared’ is an absolute disgrace, they took out so much of the song, it didn’t even sound like he was actually singing, it sounded like an aggressive speech at most. ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’ is basically just Beyoncé singing, (it’s during the day as well). The awesome African theme that played when Simba is returning is taken out and replaced with Beyoncé chanting. The only actual good songs in this entire soundtrack are Circle of Life and Stampede.

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The remake’s film and music were absolutely gorgeous!


The original lion king soundtrack was way better!


A big letdown. Stick to the 1994 version

RCA 523

Nice movie

Dog lover#13

Love this album and the movie 🍿!!!!!❤️❤️❤️



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Love that song!

Cadence Wallace

Seriously? Be Prepared was a great song and then we get this.




Loved all the songs, choir was spectacular.


The soundtrack feels very emotional is very good and funny


Agree with another reviewer the original soundtrack was far better.



i like ghfbfnfhf

Really great


Ok to start, there are a LOT of just instrumental songs, so if you’re like me and don’t like that, just get the few that aren’t just instrumental. But the music is great! Thanks for reading

lds 🙂

Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen are SO BAD AT SINGING and in Hakuna matata my face was locked in a cringe like seriously... pls noooo


I’ll start by saying the Hans zimmer stuff is obviously AMAZING, but all the re-done songs are absolutely horrendous and sound so forced. I really wished they decided to cast actual voice actors rather than celebrities because it just leads to a terrible soundtrack (and movie). Also, what the **** is Beyoncé thinking?? She is singing like it’s a early 2000’s ballad instead of how Nala is as a character. Who thought that was a good idea? It takes all the emotion out of it and makes it sound so generic. I honestly feel bad for Donald Glover because he actually sounds like he’s portraying a character and not just singing like it’s his own song. Beyoncé completely missed the point of how voice acting works.


The Lion King is one of my favorite childhood movies, and I’ve never seen a a Disney live action movie before this one, but I had to see this. That being said, I do love the soundtrack. Billy Eichner’s voice was amazing and he and Seth Rogen were great as Pumbaa and Timon, who are my favorites. I do think JD McCrary, who played young Simba, needs to control his voice a little more, but he can really sing for his age. And of course, I loved Beyoncé as Nala. Would definitely recommend the soundtrack and the live action movie!

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I think this soundtrack for the remake of lion king album was GOOD but not GREAT like the original sound track from the lion king cartoon version that was released in 1994, it will never beat it and to be honest years from now I feel the original 1994 soundtrack will always be timeless not this album to be honest but in the end of the day I do admire the attempt and I still think overall the album is good, some songs weren't as good as the original but still the album is ok/good. When it comes to Beyonce I am not a fanatic of hers but I think she is a great entertainer, at the sametime her tracks were not the best of the album and soon will be forgotten. I will say though if you are not a fan of beyonce and her music this album still won't dissapoint you because majority of the tracks in the soundtrack are not from her so my advise is just don’t get the tracks that include her and enjoy the rest of the album. Thank God though Hans Zimmer, Elton John & Lebo M were brought back to do this album or this album would have ended horribly.

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They sounded a ton better than the OG! Y’all I’m a big fan


There’s so much hate on this! Disney did a beautiful job! I loved the animation and singing! Their voices had so many vocals that I adored! I was in love with young and older simbas voices! Beyoncé was amazing and I loved how their voices were together. I will always love the original but this remake was soooo spectacular ❤️


It was awesome 😻 🙀 it’s so better then the cartoon, characters were awesome 😎 I wish the cartoon was better though a (Cuna matata)

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By far my favorite Disney song got crapped on in this remake. Other than that, PURE GOLD!


Great soundtrack


Circle of life was amazing (my HS Choir sang this for state got third:) but just can’t wait to be king a Hakuna Matata idk if I spelled it right but while watching to movie it didn’t feel the same I kept asking myself where’s the Disney feeling?


I entered the movie theater with the mindset of enjoying the movie and not comparing it to the original one and I really enjoyed it. My only problem with the soundtrack in the movie was that I felt underwhelmed with Be Prepared and when they played Spirits in the scene where Simba was going home. I don’t have a problem with the song itself, but it felt like it didn’t suit that exact scene. But the soundtrack was really good


The music remains true to the original while updating it for the remake. I just wish Beyoncé and Elton John recorded an end-credits version of Can You Feel The Love Tonight.😊


The original album still holds up to this day, this just feels like a poor excuse to cash in on the Lion King hype. The previous Disney live action movies had decent at best great soundtracks. But this one is by far the weakest and tragic, I’m sure with more effort the album could at the very least could have been a good album on its own.

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It was the best 😄😃😀😁🙂😇😊😌🤝


I truly think it’s sad many people are giving such a big dislike towards Beyonce and other singers in this movie. I truly love both original and new. The spirit song NAILED it. I say be nice with your opinion. You’d be surprised on how much hard they worked on this movie. I loved it, been singing Hakuna Matata for days.


It means no worries for the rest of your days❤️

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Everyone is talking about Beyonce but I love how her voice goes with her character in the movie and on the songs 🥰❤️. Also, Donald sounds amazing on the songs too!


The lion king was the best live action movie I’ve seen so far!!🤯🤩⭐️🌟🔥

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I won’t be able to enjoy Elton John version ever again with this 2019 horrendous vocal version. Spoilt a classic!


I understand people’s personal opinions about these new Disney remakes, I really do, but personally I find that if you have an opinion that will offend other‘s I wish you should keep it to themselves. It’s okay to dislike something and rate it low. It isn’t okay to write really negative things about people’s hard work just because you have a negative opinion. I read through the comments before I listened to it and had really low expectations, expecting the literal worst because of all the negativity. But it truly blew me away. Donald Glover has such a phenomenal voice, and I have nothing against Beyoncé’s piece in Can You Feel The Love Tonight. I love how Disney has made these new movies for the kids who weren’t around when they first came out. Really excited to see the movie. Really recommend it to true Disney fans.

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Lion King is my favorite Disney movie from when I was kid. I'm pretty sure I ruined the VHS with the amount of times I replayed that movie. The soundtrack is very near and dear to my heart. Beyonce, as talented as she is, was the absolute worst casting decision for this movie. Her voice as Nala seemed way too elegant, and finessed compared to the innocence and playfulness of the animated Nala. As a singer for the movie, her singing was WAY over the top almost indulgent. Can you Feel the Love Tonight is supposed to be romantic in a cute way but her version did not give me any feels. Instead, I found myself rolling my eyes when she started the riffs and runs during the song. It's a song meant for two long lost friends who realized they love each other not some epic ballad for the hardships of the world. Don't get me started on Spirit and how unnecessary it was in the film. Wrong choice. If they make the second one, I hope they recast.


They added unnecessary runs to the songs that I did not like. Really the only reason I’m giving it a four.


arguably one of the best disney villain songs is be prepared. the “song” (if you can even call it that because it’s just 2 minutes of talking to the beat) is just awful in this movie. the others weren’t nearly as bad but were too poppy and modern and lost the original feel. it wasn’t horrible overall but definitely didn’t live up to the hype




I hope all those extra unnecessary notes were worth it for her completely butchered that song. Garbage woman


I loved the movie and the songs, Beyoncé, Donald Glover, Seth Rogen, And all the other cast members were amazing. My favorite song is Be prepared! It’s a bop! See the movie in theaters! It’s so worth the time and money!


This changed my life for the better

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Cheap remake nothing special


absolutely beautiful! i love how beyoncè made it her own in spirit & can you feel the love tonight. Absolutely incredible


Personally i love this. I think Beyoncé was the perfect choice for this movie. “Spirit” genuinely gave me chills while watching the movie.


This is the content I ordered


This and the accompanying album The Gift, are terrible. They should’ve left the original alone! They ruined its magic

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