Yung Pinch - Back 2 the Beach

℗ 2020 TWNSHP

Back 2 the Beach Tracklist:




Yung Pinch is one of the best and just has that MF vibe like no one else💯 whole album is on a different wave... been waiting for this one🌊


All releases to date are solid tracks. Happily preordered to own this project. Keep killin it Pinch. Ill see a show when u play Pittsburgh. Forever💔.

Wonkru Clan

He’s already been spoiling us with fire music lately off the album for real !


Been waiting for this for a good min. Can’t wait for the release big year for Pinch🤘

Xertz Reefah

C a n t W a i t . . .


I’m going to his album release party that day & I’m coming from Kc to Cali 🙏🏼🌊

#1 pinch fan!💯🔥



Gonna be sick 🔥

Music Album of Yung Pinch:

Number 1 (feat. Landon Cube) - Single
Number 1 feat. Landon Cube - Single (2020)
Over It (feat. Wiz Khalifa) - Single
Over It feat. Wiz Khalifa - Single (2019)
That's My Baby (feat. Pouya) - Single
That's My Baby feat. Pouya - Single (2019)
Runaway (feat. Yung Pinch) - Single
Runaway feat. Yung Pinch - Single (2019)
719 (feat. Yung Pinch) - Single
719 feat. Yung Pinch - Single (2019)
Nightmares (feat. Lil Skies) - Single
Nightmares feat. Lil Skies - Single (2019)
I Know You (feat. Yung Pinch) - Single
I Know You feat. Yung Pinch - Single (2018)
Hello There (feat. Yung Pinch) [The Remixes] - EP
Hello There feat. Yung Pinch [The Remixes] - EP (2017)